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6 Tools to Help Survive a Business Move

Tools to help you move a businessTools to Help Survive a Move

I say that moving takes a village with packing, organizing, cleaning, and keeping the kiddos entertained.  Moving a business on the other hand, that takes an army.  I used to attempt to move my business on my own and it lead to me being very tired, very cranky, and forgetful of what needed to be done.  Over the years, I have learned to automate or outsource things that I just can’t do as I tried to move my business.  So here are my top 6 tools that help me stay sane and move efficiently and smoothly.

  1. An editor – when I have a wedding two weeks before a move date, knowing that those images will still be delivered in two weeks or less with the same care and attention as they would normally get when I wasn’t sitting amid boxes is well worth it.
  2. Planoly – Having both my instagram accounts and their insta – stories preplanned makes moving a breeze.  The alert gets pushed to my phone when its time to post something and my social media doesn’t go dead for a month because I am moving.
  3. Meet Edgar – This baby pushes out all my blog content to social media for me so that I don’t have to.  It keeps my content cycling through so that clients continue to see articles I have written.
  4. Guest and Ghost Bloggers – If we are facing a particularly arduous move, then I will either ask industry friends if they would like to guest blog or I enlist the aid of my awesome ghost blogger to write out content for me that I have outlined for her ahead of time.
  5. Blue Apron – As we near the end of our time in one location, we have to start clearing out the fridge and I hate to waste food.  We order from Blue Apron so that nothing is wasted and it has the added bonus me not needing to go grocery shopping when I am busy.
  6. Convertkit – I can preplan out my newsletters months in advance and schedule them to go out before the boxes are loaded on the truck.

As you can see there is a bit of a theme here with lots of outsourcing and prescheduling of things that need to happen.  The more prepared I am ahead of time, the more successful the transition is.  Do you want more great tips for moving a business?  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter below.

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