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How Publication Helps You Move

Why Publication Matters

When it comes to moving, publication can matter but not for the reasons you think.  In dealing with moving a business, it has a lot more to do with SEO and being found than street cred and bragging rights.  While a publication from a well known blog or magazine is amazing and I love seeing my work in print, it doesn’t actually help me if potential clients can’t find my website in a new town or state.  Online publications create credible links to my website and Google loves that.  The more great publications, the more happy Google is and the more happy Google is with your website, the higher your ranking is.  Publications are just one of the many crucial ingredients in the SEO recipe or algorithm if you will.

Location and Publication Go Hand in Hand

Let’s add another layer to why and how publication matters by talking about location.  If I were looking to relocate my business to a nearby state, it would be wise for me to do a portrait session at a venue in the area I am moving to and attempt to get it publish it in one of the regional blogs in the area.  This starts letting potential clients know you are there.  It also starts to provide you with recognizable content from the area you will be in.

Regional Networking

By having a publication in a regional blog, this opens the doors for networking in that area.  Local vendors who follow those blogs will start to see the work you are creating and become familiar with your brand, your name, and the style of work you produce.  When someone is familiar with your business, they are more likely to be willing to work with you or refer you to clients of theirs.

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