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My Secret Weapon

A Secret We Have Kept

Yes, you read this right I am going to share with you my most guarded secret today. This one secret has completely changed my outlook on workflow, efficiency, financial planning, investments, and technology development.  I am so excited about this that I just going to say it… My husband Jason.

For many years my husband has been in my corner. He has been the one that has always stood by my side, listened to my BIG ideas (sometimes he calls them insane I prefer BIG), advised me on how to build relationships with my clients and other vendors, impromptu blog ghost writer, and my sounding board.

A Request in the New Year

With the new year upon us, I have had multiple requests from other vendors and clients for my husband to do Facebook lives, blog posts, or other types of social media events. While I was reading one of these requests the other day, I realized I have never introduced my husband as part of both my businesses.

My husband is originally a Florida native. He lived in Boynton Beach for most of his life, which sits about an hour north of Miami. Later he went to North Georgia College where I met him.  In the past few years, he has taken extensive trainings on lean process efficiency (Lean Leader and Lean Six Sigma certified), Arbinger mindset development coach, temperament trainer, and conflict resolution trainer. Many of these trainings I have taken and they have had a huge impact on our business and relationship.

With all of this training, we recently decided to include Jason in the Restart Specialist coaching sessions. He adds a different point of view and knowledge base to all of our coaching sessions to add value for our clients. Please stay tuned because Jason will be a part of our Facebook live sessions, and he will be doing a series on just workflow designed to help you automate your systems and there by helping you move more smoothly.

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