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Rebranding Before a Move

Rebranding before a moveRebranding

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, especially when you are moving to a new location.   So before relocating your business, consider one vital question: will your brand leave a positive first impression on your new customers?  In today’s guest post from my brand and website designer, Elise Kluge, we will break down what “rebranding” is, how to assess if you need to rebrand, and how to achieve your branding goals.  Make sure you read all the way to the end for the awesome gift away that Elise is offering.

What is “Rebranding”

Rebranding is all about improving what customers think and feel about your business and can include an update to these common elements:

  • Logo design or business name
  • Tagline or slogan
  • Brand colors, patterns or styles
  • Website and social media accounts
  • Business card and other printed documents
  • Marketing and advertising strategy

Should I rebrand?

There are many reasons why a business would consider rebranding, here are some common reasons for small businesses:

  • To improve customers connections
  • To revitalize declining sales
  • To attract a new type of customer or new market
  • To improve brand reputation
  • To communicate a new message

If you plan to move your business into a new market, then you must adjust your brand and marketing strategy accordingly. Every geographic location has unique characteristics and challenges. If you want to successfully navigate your new market, then you need to understand your new customers, competition, and industry. The results of your research will determine if rebranding is necessary..

  • Case Study:For example, you may be a wedding photographer from a California suburb moving to a growing college town in Texas. In your research, you discover that the average age in this new college town is much younger than your current customer. Further, you find that the competitors in the area are priced much lower than your current area. To connect with a younger bride without lowering your pricing, you will need to adjust your brand and marketing strategy.

Want to know how to adjust your brand strategy for your next move?  Check back next Tuesday for part two of Elise’s guest post.  Want to follow Elise?



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