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Rebranding for a Move Part 2

rebranding for a move part 2Part 2 of Rebranding for a Move

Last week Elise Kluge shared with us her knowledge about branding and when and why you may need to rebrand your business.  Today she joins us again to share how to adjust your brand strategy.

Excuse me, what? How do I adjust my brand strategy?

If you are sweating in a panic take a deep breath and rest assured that marketing strategy isn’t just for corporate guys at the top; small businesses can build powerful brands too! Based on the wedding photographer example last week, here are some brand strategies to overcome the challenges she faced with marketing to a younger demographic in a different state.

  • Goal 1: Target younger customer
    • Tactic: Update brand colors to a brighter palette to show youthfulness
    • Tactic: Integrate website with Instagram to be closer to customers
    • Tactic: Create social media graphics to enhance brand visuals
  • Goal 2: Target higher-end customer with larger budget
    • Tactic: Use modern fonts to communicate elegance
    • Tactic: Adjust tagline to highlight quality
    • Tactic: Create printed client magazine to show professionalism

You are not alone in this journey. If marketing and design are not your strong suits, then consider hiring a professional brand specialist.

Wait, can’t I just buy a premade logo?

It’s true, successful rebranding is a lot of work and can require a financial investment. If you don’t have the funds then save up or find a company that will work with you in steps. Above all, steer clear of premade logo templates.  The pre-made logos you’ve seen on Esty and Pinterest are great except for one major thing: they were made for someone else! When you try to stuff your name and business into the premade design you’ll find it doesn’t really fit.

Cinderella’s stepsisters didn’t fit into the glass slipper not because it wasn’t pretty, but because it wasn’t made for them. The same is true for premade template designs. When the design isn’t made for your brand it will never fit quite right no matter how cute it is. Be the Cinderella of your own story and walk confidently in your own glass slippers.  Okay, enough with the princess analogies. I think you get the point. Your business deserves a brand that is uniquely yours.

Want a friend to help you get the job done?

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and make your own mark then you are ready to rebrand with Mark Branding Boutique. We understand that rebranding is a lot of work and it can feel a bit overwhelming, that’s why at Mark Branding Boutique take care of EVERYTHING for you. We do the research, create a marketing strategy, and deliver a design with depth and authenticity so you can connect with your new customers.

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