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Styled Shoots Help Your Move

How Styled Shoots Help Your Business

Lets say for a moment you are moving your business from southwest Texas all the way to coastal Virginia and none of the previous work you have looks anything like what coastal brides are looking for.  You want to book business in your location but have nothing local to show for it and you are the new business owner that just came to town.  How do you combat this giant mountain blocking your success?  You have a styled shoot.


As the perpetual new girl and new business in town I need other wedding vendors to know who I am and fast.  I can’t sit around on my butt hoping something will happen.  By collaborating with other local vendors in the town you have moved to, they get to know you.  They see how you work and the level of art that you produce.  You are also helping them solve a problem by providing them with images that they need to move their business forward as well.

How Do I Set Up a Styled Shoot

So, you may be wondering how to go about even setting one up once you know when and where you will be moving.  There are two ways to go about this.  Option One is for those of you that simply can’t go to that town ahead of time.  Option Two is my preferred method that I intend to implement the next time we are looking at relocating.

Option 1:

  • Research the town you are moving to and the vendors there.
  • Reach out to vendors you would like to work with
  • Set up a styled shoot for a few weeks after you arrive
  • Start using that styled shoot to network in the area and announce your arrival

Option 2:

  • Fly or drive to the new town you are moving to ahead of time
  • Have a styled shoot already planned for the time you are there
  • Use that styled shoot to start marketing to brides long before you ever arrive there

Jade green and gold wedding cake at Union Station HotelUtilizing Social Media for Styled Shoot

Once you have finished the styled shoot make sure you get your images to all the vendors involved.  Tag them on social media when you post images and start using those images to market to new brides in the area.  Go above and beyond to thank those vendors for helping build a cornerstone for your business in the market you are moving to.

Diving in Deeper

Want to know more about how to effectively move your business and help it to grow and flourish?  Contact me to hear more about our e-book on moving a business and one-on-one coaching sessions.  You’ve got this great gift and it deserves to be used.

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Exhausted from trying to break into a new market and have no idea what needs to be done to keep your creative business growing?  You are in the right place, friend!

The Restart Specialist was born out of our constant nomadic life and the search for answers on relocating a business without fear. I am so excited your here. Pull up a chair, settle in with a good cup of coffee and lets get started.



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