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The Value of Saying Goodbye

Value in Saying Goodbye

Our last military move taught me the value of saying goodbye as it relates to business.  It may seem that saying goodbye would close more doors than open them, but I have found that simply is not true.   Last week I talked about the first initial steps to take in a move and one of them was to write a VIP newsletter to all your past clients.

This newsletter allows you to say goodbye and thank them for how amazing they have been.  This also reminds them that the anniversary session they have been postponing only has a limited amount of time left before you are gone.  By doing this you are taking care of your clients through clear communication.  You are giving them a window into what is going on in your business.  I never want to turn down a client because I am no longer available to them so I make sure they know what is going on.  I also make sure that I am not closing a door to any future opportunities by letting them know that I travel for almost all of my weddings and in some cases even anniversary sessions as well.

The second and most important thing that I do is let them know where I am moving to.  This is what has truly opened doors for me in the past.  In my newsletter, I include the following:

  • I ask if anyone is familiar with the area I am moving to
  • I ask where the best places to eat are because my family are serious foodies at heart and my clients know that
  • I ask them if they have anyone in that area that would enjoy my services as much as they did and then I give them a VIP code to share with them

In doing this, it has opened numerous doors for my family and my business.  It allowed me to start booking clients before I ever landed in the city I was moving to and kept me connected to past clients because they felt vested in our move.  Saying goodbye isn’t a bad thing because it allows you to say hello to a whole new adventure somewhere else.  For more VIP tips on moving a business, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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