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An Interview with Teak and Twine

interview with teak and twine ownerInterview with the Owner of Teak and Twine

Imagine you own a client gifting business while still working a full time job in the US military. Everything is going along pretty well, and seems to be OK until that one day. You find out you are moving to another state, and just to throw a cherry on top, you are 7 months pregnant. So you pack up, and move to your destination with business in hand, hire a new team, and start over again. All is going well, until seven months later when you have to move your business again into another state. Now you have had lots of practice by now, but once you get there your business has grown so much you have to move again into a warehouse just to hold everything together. Does this sound absolutely crazy or unreal? Well, it’s not. This is was reality for Torrance, the owner of Teak and Twine.  In our interview with Torrance, she will share some of the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them.

Team Dynamics

One of the great things Torrance discussed was effective team dynamics. She literally had to rebuild her team on more than three occasions. She mentioned the need to get to know her team utilizing small events such as eating lunch. This simple act sounds pointless, but it builds comradely among your team and improves your relationships and mindset among your team.

Shifting Your Role

Torrance really went into detail about how her role switched over the years out of the creative side. As her business became more successful she found that she could not fill the creative role in designing her gifts as well as maintain her business. So what did she do? She OUTSOURCED and hired new team members. She gave these members roles to take over the creative part of her business allowing Torrance to run her business as a leader. She finds herself now giving direction, coordinating logistics, and keeping track of the numbers. Torrance chooses this role because she is more comfortable with it and has more of a knack for it. The important point is that no matter what, find people who are good at what your weakest areas are. 

Full Interview

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