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Best Tips for In Person Sales

Selling albums and top tips for in person sales in photographyIn Person Sales

In person sales has gotten a bad rap in the world of photography over the last few years as photographers have increasingly had the opinion that selling things feels icky.  I get it!  I hate being sold to, however, I love when a company takes good care of me.  You know those companies that take care of the things you didn’t even know you needed help with . . . those are the companies I love and we try to emulate.  Now imagine if in person sales were that way for photography.

Educate Ahead of Time

In order for in person sales to be successful, you must educate your client ahead of time.  Expecting them to show up to the sales session without ever seeing your pricing is like throwing a lit powered keg at a tiger’s butt, disastrous and stupid.

Create an Inviting Space

An in person sales session is not a Tupperware party so don’t treat it like one.  This is a high end experience which means your clients should feel relaxed and comfortable in your space.  Make it inviting as you consider what it smells, looks, and feels like.

Have a Clear Agenda

Have a clearly laid out agenda for your in person sales session is crucial.  Practice ahead of time and stick to a natural flow of presenting the images to your client.  In doing this you respect their time and they don’t leave feeling like they wasted a ton of time.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Make sure that throughout the sales session you are following the 80/20 rule.  This simply means you let your client talk eighty percent of the time which can be really hard to do when you are not confident about what you or selling or your process.  Again, practicing letting others talk will make you a better servant of your clients needs.  It allows you to actually hear what their pain points are and how you can help them.

Prepare for Objections

Any objection you encounter during an in person sales session is a direct barrier to a sale.  You must be prepared to respond to objections in a way that solves your clients problem and leads them through the purchasing process to a final decision.  Noticed, I didn’t say sale.  In person sales is not about minimum purchases or icky sales tactics but about understanding your clients concerns and needs and finally solving them.


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