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How to Make a Blog Content Calendar

Content creation guide for blogging and free downloadHow to Make a Content Calendar for Your Blog

As we head into the New Year, you are probably taking the time to review your business and might, like many others realize that you desperately need to blog but you HATE to write.  I totally get it.

Content Creation Sucks

Creating weekly content for your business can seem like a drag but trust me when I say it makes a huge difference.  It is one of the key cornerstones we use to restart and relocate my photography business rapidly.  If you’re still not a hundred percent convinced then check back next week when we delve more into the why of blogging and SEO as it pertains to rapidly relocating your creative business.  For now though, let’s just get those content calendars started.

Seasonal Topics for Your Content Calendar

As you lay out your content calendar for your blog, start first with any seasonal promotions you may want to highlight or blog posts that may tie into what your ideal client may be walking through during that time of year.

An example of this would be directly targeting engagement season if you are a wedding photographer.  That season typically runs from November through February with forty percent of all engagements occurring during that very short window of time.  For that reason, I would want to push all of my content for the year regarding engagements during that time.

Client Specific Content for Your Calendar

The next piece of the puzzle you need to attack within your content calendar is anything related to a client.  For example, if you are hosting a bridal shower at your venue in two months, you want to block off time in your calendar to highlight that event a few weeks later on the blog.

Not only does this make your client feel valued but it also shows future potential clients that your venue is actively booking clients and is sought after as a place to host events.

Without sharing that content regularly on the blog, your market may assume you have gone out of business.  This blogging tactic is also highly important if you are working to be found in a new market due to relocation.

Leverage Social Media and FAQ’s

If you still are struggling to find things to blog about or you have yet to book clients then let Google and social media help you out.  Start thinking like your ideal client and use your blog to answer their most frequently asked questions.  Those questions point to a fear or concern your client has.  Go be the hero and alleviate those fears with a great blog post.

Expand Your Topics

What the heck is topic expansion? Here it is in a simple nutshell.  Do your clients worry about what to wear, then create a series on that.  Are your brides stressed about the timeline of the day, then answer that in a four part thematic blog all about those exact fears.

We had a frequently asked question about what shoes we wear on a wedding day.  So we went ahead and answered that, but then we had such an overwhelming response about our blog on Tieks versus Rothy’s  that we’re now creating additional topics. Additional topic expansions on how to size them, how to wash them, which ones we liked better.

Now Make it Official

Someone said a goal without a plan is just a dream.  While you may have created an amazing list of blog ideas, they won’t actually happen or ever get written if you don’t make a plan to execute them.  Pull out a calendar or your client management system and start plugging in these topics to your calendar on what days you want them to go live.

Make sure that as you plug these ideas into your content calendar that you are being realistic.  If you have never blogged before or hate doing it then give yourself some grace and don’t schedule more than three a month to begin with.  Still lost on what to write?  Check our download HERE for some ideas to get you started.

Let’s Stay Connected

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