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Late to the Marketing Game

Late marketing gameLate to the Marketing Game

So you are ready to move your business but are you marketing it or late to the marketing game?  Boxes are packed and loaded on a truck, family is ready to go, and you feel a sense of nervousness come over you but you quickly brush it off.  You got this! Nothing is going to stop you.  You reach into your important papers bag to pull out your checklist to look it over and check off all you have done. You take your pencil and hastily scan down the paper “Pack Boxes”…CHECK, “Pack kids entertainment”…CHECK, “Inform clients we are moving”…TOO LATE.

When to Market for a Move

If you are waiting till the month before or after your move to start moving your business you are too LATE.  Another common question we often get is “when do I start prepping my business to move? ” This one is a very delicate question. There are many factors to consider but here are some general guidelines that will help you:

Current Market

This is probably one of the biggest factors to consider when you are preparing your business for a move. Think of your market as a girlfriend/boyfriend. You have to prepare them and coach them through major life changes. If you prepare too early (more than 1 year) your market and SEO will get confused and you will send a mixed message. As a result, you will lose clients from both markets.


When are you going to move? This is the pivotal question that will determine your timeline. Sometimes we are blessed with over a year notification and sometimes its only 6 months or less. The important thing to remember is that when you find out your date you have to start back planning. We recommend you start any actions toward moving your business no more than 6 months from your move date.


This last one may sound a little weird but just bare with me. One of the biggest mistakes we find business owners make is to start moving their business without a guarantee they are actually moving. A good example is say your spouse gets a job offer in another state that won’t start for awhile out. Your spouse may have to negotiate that job offer, so to say you are moving is a little premature. A job offer does not guarantee a start date. Wait until the negotiating is done and they have a confirmed start date. This way there is more certainty and you will feel more confident making plans.

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