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Moving Your Business Through Autonomation

moving autonomationMoving Through Autonomation

So I remember on one of our five moves (yes it has been that many).  We received an inquiry in the middle of moving our house. This was years ago, so our phones were a lot smaller back then and we were charged per text. Imagine trying to type on a small keyboard while my husband was driving on bumpy roads. You can imagine how this is going to go.

Just to add a cherry on top, I was trying to remember what appointments I had made with clients. This would normally be a very easy task but at that time my calendar was handwritten in an appointment book. So picture this for a minute, trying to respond on a small phone while looking in my appointment book trying to confirm times to speak with clients, while being a passenger in a car. IT SUCKED!!  So you are probably wondering what autonomation is and how it can be applied to this situation.

What is Autonomation

One of the most vulnerable times while you are moving is in transit. During this time, you have little to no access to your computer or other office files. So being prepared and setting yourself up to be able to access necessary information while on the road is critical. We recommend you set up systems that will act on the principle of autonomation. This term simply means “automation with a human touch”. Here are the areas I would focus on as a starting point:

Prepare for Autonomation

  1. E-mail: Setting up your email with with pre-formatted templates for situations can prove to be useful. Most client management systems (CMS), like 17 hats, allow you to pre format email templates for certain client situations. If you don’t have a CMS then certain Gmail apps also allow this capability. This allows you to respond to emails while on the road without having to do a lot of tying. 

Say you can’t get to your templates, away messages can really help. Away messages will automatically be sent to senders every time an email comes in your email box. This provides you with the opportunity to let your clients know what is going on and that you will get back to them when you can.

  1. Calendar: If your calendar is like mine, it is very busy. Setting up client meetings can almost be impossible on the road. One tool that helps is something we started this year called Calendly. This tool allows you to make a calendar with pre designated times and your client can simply click on a weblink and make their appointment with you. You can even require them to answer certain questions before they book the appointment.

Using technology to help with your move can prove invaluable. The big TAKE HOME POINT is to make sure you still have input into the technology. Too often we see business owners let the system do all of the work and they don’t customize the product to their business. The better way forward is through autonomation.

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