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Photographing VIP Clients

Photographing VIP Clients

So you just got a phone call that a very important (VIP) client wants to book you for a photography session. Now a VIP client can be a government official, famous author, or Hollywood elite. The important thing to know is that before you say “yes” make sure you consider some factors that might be expected of you. Below are some of our top considerations:


Photographers live and die by their copyright. It is the thing that lets you print your work, publish in magazines, and use it for advertising. If each client owned their images, you would not be able to show anything you do. Well, when photographing a VIP client they may ask for you to give up your copyright. This is so they can control everything that happens to the photos and there are no unnecessary leaks. If you are willing to do thins make sure the client is willing to pay for it. Your price should at least be double your normal rate to make up for lost advertising and revenue. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This isn’t for every VIP client but we have found the higher the profile, the more likely you will have a NDA. This agreement outlines what you can and can’t talk about. The important thing is to make sure you read the entire thing. Sometimes they have different requirements prior to and after the photography event. Some of them are so strict that you can’t ever talk, blog, instagram, FB, or anything else. The reason for this is they want to protect the VIP from potentially any kind of public damage from something you may see while photographing them.

Fast turn-around time

After photographing you may be expected to turn the photographs around really fast. I don’t mean two days, we mean in a manner of hours. If you are not able to do it make sure you let the client know before you sign any contract. One way to assist with this is asking the client for a slight extension but this may not be possible in some instances.

Specific photographic parameters

The client may request a very specific look….. To find out the rest, hop over to our youtube channel and watch the rest of our blog post VIP Client Considerations.

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