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SAM and Mindset for your BusinessFor the last couple of weeks, we have talked about the two prevailing mindsets: inward and outward mindset. When you are in an inward mindset, your focus is on your own goals and ambitions. You have no regard for the impact you have on others around you. When you are in an outward mindset, your focus is on others and you are aware of how you impact their success.

These concepts sound great but how can I use them in business? Mindset is everything related to what you do. Mindset influences all that you do and most importantly how you think and your behaviors towards others. Have you ever found yourself at odds with an employee you can’t get through? Have you ever been in a slump with your business? If you say yes ask yourself, how have you contributed to this situation? Once you answer this question with true honesty, you can finally see how the inward mindset clouded your mind. This mindset dulls your senses and perception so that you can’t see clearly. When you are in the inward mindset, you will drive your business to fail. This is why being aware of your mindset is so critical in your business.

In order to get out of the inward mindset, you must be aware you are in it in the first place. Some common symptoms of the inward mindset are: feeling victimized, thinking everyone is out to get you, feeling entitled. These are just a few but it is important to know what are your own signs when you are in this mindset and how to get out of it. One of the tools I use for this requires SAM.

SAM is a little acronym we use to refocus our efforts and get us back into an outward mindset. When you are aware of that inward mindset monster use SAM:

S- See others: The first step to seeing others is seeing others needs, wants, desires, or challenges. Then ask lots of questions and get really curious.

A- Adjust efforts: Take all of the needs and objectives into account and adjust efforts to assist.

M- Measure: Ask if you have been helpful and gauge your impact. Hold yourself accountable

This tool is truly simple but effective. If you would like to learn more I encourage you to visit the Arbinger Institute website. There is lots of information regarding mindset. In addition, schedule your coaching session with the Restart Specialist and allow us to make your mindset the best it can be.


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