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Why You Need the Restart Specialist

A Personal Concierge in the new yearThe New Year and the Restart Specialist

So the New Year has started and you break out your checklist of goals.  As you examine them, you start to realize “WOW, this is a lot of stuff, how am I going to get this done ?”. The New Year should bring excitement, anticipation, and lots of opportunity for your business. Think of it as a fresh start, renewal of energy, and the ability to change what you did last year. Despite, all of the benefits, some business owners still look at the New Year with dread and fear. Well, if you are one of these business owners, or are unsure of your future you need a champion in your corner; you need a Restart Specialist.

How We Can Help You

The Restart Specialist is that person who will be with you. We take great pride in helping other business owners to maximize their business potential. We are right there with you through the good times and the challenging times. A common question we often receive is “What does a Restart Specialist do?”.

Think of the Restart Specialist as your personal concierge business coach. The easiest way to describe what we do is to describe our process:

  1. First, you will schedule a coaching session that will last about four hours. During this session:
    1. We are going to get to know you and what are your pain points are. Building a relationship is the key to making our process work.
    2. Purpose and vision development for your business
    3. Goal Development
    4. Financial Analysis
    5. Action Plan development
  2. After the initial meeting we offer continued coaching services for a reduced price to keep you accountable and help you succeed. We found that many of our clients needed additional accountability partners and further coaching. This service has proven invaluable to achieving their goals.

Ultimately we are successful if you are successful. During these coaching sessions you get me and my husband (workflow master) as your advocates in your corner and we are complete open books. So to start the new year go to and schedule your coaching session.

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Hello & Welcome

Do you desire a thriving creative career despite the challenges of relocating? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to the space you have been searching for! After spending years searching for the answer to constantly relocating my photography business, the Restart Specialist was born.



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