Imagine investing in an amazing photographer who provided a completely customized experience all the way up through the wedding day but when it came to viewing the wedding images, it felt like you had taken a trip to discount store or worse yet, a used car lot. Having an in-person sales experience that is in […]

How to Provide a High-End In-Person Sales Experience

high-end in-person sales experience

  In the photography industry, we often see the term High-End tossed around with little to no clear definition of what that means.  This lack of clarity can leave wedding photographers frustrated as they attempt to move into this space. When I was 4 years into the wedding industry, I thought my business was doing […]

breaking into the high end wedding market

Breaking into the High-End Wedding Market

Hype vs. Reality in Business If you have ever watched the Greatest Showman or attended a live auction then you have witnessed the hype machine in full action.  This energetic fast-talking show filled with verbal glitz and glam gets your emotions going.  It is designed to distract from the lack of substance.  It makes you […]

Hype vs. Reality

Working With Others No matter what genre of photography you are in, you will at some point have to work with other people.  Collaborations with others can leave you feeling elated or bitter.  Or you may find that you are the one that accidentally burnt a bridge between a colleague.  As I sit here writing […]

Thoughts on working with others

Working With Others | Rise Above

We often get asked why we still blog and for me the answer is simple, BLOGGING MATTERS.  I want to be found by my ideal clients and fellow wedding vendors who are looking for the thing that we do.  Being a military spouse, SEO is just as vital to the continued growth of my business […]

Why Blogging Matters When You Move

Moving a business forward without fear