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Student Highlight | Chris Sosa

Student highlight after being mentored

Chris Sosa Photography

I met Chris through the International Academy of Wedding Photographers a few years back.  I was looking for a second shooter and he was wanting to travel and shoot in multiple states.  Over the years we kept in touch.  Jason and I were thrilled when we got to meet his soon to be wife Micaela last year.  Chris had met Micaela through a photography conference and they proceeded to date long distance.  While their relationship grew, the travel left less time for Chris to market his business in the way he wanted to.  So how do you hit the Restart button when your leads have dried up and you aren’t booking the way you want to?  Most people would say to pour money into Facebook ads and wedding related publications.  While that kind sometimes help, there are better options out there that made more sense for who and what Chris Sosa Photography stands for.  A few months ago, Chris came to us basically saying “we were in a major booking slump after a period of doing almost nothing to actively market our business. We had no direction and didn’t know what to do to connect with people”.  We sat down with the two of them to chat about what he could do to get the ball rolling on almost a marketing budget of zero.

Marketing with No Money

Marketing doesn’t always require money.  Sometimes, all you need is a good product and drive to serve.  As we walked through the coaching process with Chris, we explained to him that simply marketing through service often reaps better rewards.  When you step in to help your small business community and get to know them, they are ten times more likely to refer you than if they saw an ad about you.  We helped them make a zero marketing budget game plan that relied heavily on showing up and getting to know others in their community.  I recently heard back from Chris and Micaela and the results are awesome!  I am SO proud of them as they walk through their action plan!  Here is what Chris had to say.

A Follow Up

I recently heard back from Chris and Micaela and the results are awesome!  I am SO proud of them as they walk through their action plan!  Here is what Chris had to say.
“Before Meredith’s direction, we were in a major booking slump after a period of doing almost nothing to actively market our business. We had no direction and didn’t know what to do to connect with people. Within one week of applying what we learned, we had a Google business listing, new reviews from past clients, improved SEO, and great opportunities with vendors, which have begun to bring us leads again! The step by step process she gave us was priority-based and so easy to follow! We were able to complete each task and then move on to the next one, winning more successes each time we checked something off the list.
The vendors in my area can often be closed off rather than being community-based, and I had zero success in the past whenever I tried to connect with them to bring each other leads. What I learned from Meredith got me a meeting with almost every vendor we contacted. Once we met them, they were the ones who suggested wanting to work with us in the future, and they started spreading the word about our business before we even asked!
Not only do we now have many vendor connections who want to work with us on styled shoots and future weddings, they’re also sharing about our business to their leads and giving out our business cards! They’re doing our marketing for us, and we’re beginning to get new leads again after a long booking slump!”
You can see Chris’s work here: and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram @chrissosaphotography
and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow and bloom where they are planted.

Move Your House Stress Free

Move your business stress freeStress Free Moving

Are you trying to move your house to a new location? Are you trying to PCS (permanent change of station for non military) or do a military move to another state? Look no further as we give you our top moving tips that will make your move stress free. 

Moving as a military spouse can be very difficult. Dealing with the military moving process is a job in and of itself. Then you have to deal with the new location, registering kids and everyone for school, setting up services…It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. These moving tips and tricks are all things we have learned over our own last six moves to make the process go that much better. 

Tip 1

Place all like items in one area. If you place all of your like items in one area, there is less likelihood that items will be mixed up. One thing we try to do is place all of our picture frames in one space of the house. This makes it easy for the packers to identify all of the pictures and pack them in appropriate boxes. 

Tip 2

Block off one area in your house. This room will be used to place stuff you do not want the movers to touch. These items may include your valuable belongings and any heirloom items that can’t be replaced. Our rule is that if I can’t replace it, then it goes with me. The easiest way to block off a room or area is with blue scotch tape. This ensures the movers know they must not go in that area and it doesn’t leave a residue on the walls or floor. 

Tip 3

Treat your movers like people. So often we have heard stories of people not giving water or even, in extreme cases, not letting their movers use the bathroom in the house. COME ON!! They are people just like you and me and have to work in the most miserable temperatures and times of the year. We have seen the happier we keep our movers, the less likely we have property damage or items misplaced during a move.

Tip 4

Label all boxes with your last name. If your house is getting loaded onto a truck with another house you want to ensure your boxes don’t get mixed up with someone else belongings. A great way to avoid this is to write your name on 3 of the 4 sides of any moving box. This helps just in case a box is accidentally taken off the truck at the wrong house, that someone will identify it quickly and put it back on.

Tip 5

Go to a Bulk store (like Costco) and buy Gallon Ziploc Bags. These are your best friends during a move. These help to pack your small items like silverware or kids toys. Trust me, if you don’t, they will be dumped in a box with other things and will never be found. The BOX MONSTERS eat everything!

These are our top five tips and will make your move so much easier. Now, if you are moving a business, I want you to know, we have you covered. We developed a Business Moving Checklist just for you. This checklist walks you through the whole process so that you don’t lose any business during your move. You can download it by clicking the link below:


We have included additional tips in our weekly Youtube Video. You can get these by clicking the image below. 

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How To Differentiate Your Business

Markets are oversaturated with carbon copies of businesses all trying to compete for the same clients, or at least it certainly FEELS that way sometimes. Today I’m going to show you how to stand out and differentiate yourself in that market so you can get booked by your ideal client.

Research Your Competition

 Notice I said research your competition, but don’t copy them. Often when we look at what our competitors are doing, there’s a fear that what they’re doing is the right thing to do, and that we have to do exactly what they’re doing in order to be as successful as them. That’s just simply a lie and it causes our business to look disingenuous when it stands next to theirs. Competition in its purest form is healthy because it should encourage us to know each others businesses but then strive like heck to be different, be ourselves, and be unique.

Offer a Different Product

If you are wanting to differentiate in your market, then you have to be well . . . different! That may be just as simple as offering a different product. For example, I’m a wedding photographer and I offer heirloom quality artwork. Now my competitor down the street may also offer prints or canvases, but I make sure that mine do not look the same. I give so much attention to the products that we offer our clients that I make sure that they are not available in our market.

How You Make them Feel

The second way you can offer something to differentiate yourself the personal experience. Ask yourself, how do you make your client FEEL? You may be an okay photographer. You may have an okay quality product that you produce. But if you make somebody feel amazing, that will make you stand out and differentiate in your market. 

Price What You’re Worth

Pricing what you are worth is a big way to differentiate yourself, especially when you don’t undercut the other business owners in your market. If you look at what your cost of goods are, what you are worth, what your experience level is, and the quality of the product that you produce, and then charge based on that, it will set you apart!

Instead undercutting each other you are actually raising the industry standard. This will also teach your clients and your potential clients to value you, and value what you do.

Be Aware of Trends

Being aware of trends doesn’t necessarily mean that you follow every single new thing that comes your way. But if that “fad” is something that looks like it’s going to stick around and not just be a fad, then you may want to take notice and adjust your business practices or the products that you offer, to meet that trend that look like they are going to be around for a long time.

An example of this is the way the way somebody may edit their pictures or portraits. We’re starting to see an industry trend that says that more authentic images, more authentic editing, and a higher quality of light is going to be a trend that sticks around for a long period of time. We definitely want to adjust and make sure that we are aware of that trend, and not letting it be a detriment to our business.

Join Us!

Now that you’ve followed our steps on differentiating yourself in a market, you may have questions about client experience, and how to go about making that extra special and different from your competitors. I want you lick the link below and join our private Facebook group. We have Facebook Lives that happen every single week, that go more in depth into topics like this. We can’t wait to see you there. 


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I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do you want to dive deeper into how to be successful in new markets or are relocating your business and need some help? Come join our course Break into a New Market.

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Overcoming Cliques

Overcoming cliques in the marketplace

Cliques in Your Market

Did you just hop on Instagram only to see a really cool opportunity that you missed out on because you just aren’t in that creative clique that some people are in? I’m going to share with you our ways of breaking through that creative clique to really grow in your market.

Invite them for Coffee

Our first tip is really simple. Go ahead and invite somebody in that creative clique out to coffee. Individually though and not all at once. Take the time to get to know them. The reason that clique is there is because they have built a relationship with other vendors. It didn’t just happen overnight. It took time.

Keep in ming that this coffee chat is a time for you to get to know the other person. It is not about pitching what you do, selling what you do, or getting on their preferred vendor list. It is literally just time to get to know them because so few people in our industry actually do that and take the time to meet face to face.

Serve Others

Our second tip is to look for needs in your industry and serve those needs well. Simply looking around at fellow business owners in your market that maybe you haven’t worked with before and see what you can do to help them out.

Take the time to actually ask them how you can help them, what they need. It sounds crazy, but it can be just as simple as, “I need help organizing my space.” Or maybe you’re a photographer and they say, “I need help getting new head shots done.” That’s something that you may be uniquely qualified to do. In that way, you’re helping and able to build a relationship, to serve your community well, and to be somebody that’s reliable that can help them when a new need arises.

Keep in mind that this attitude of service can be incredibly helpful to your business when it is done correctly. Done incorrectly, it can lead to burn out and people walking all over you. Ultimately, make sure you are being wise about when and how you serve.

Find your own Tribe

Our third tip is to find your own tribe. When you create your own tribe, you get to know people on a personal level, you’re actually going to build your own tribe around you. These people not only love you, know you, and trust you, but can also support you back. Building a tribe around you is a cornerstone for building a strong business because we cannot do this alone.

The Big IDEA

So, what do these three tips have in common? That they’re not about you. Breaking through a clique in a workplace is really, honestly, about you serving other people, getting to know other people, and not making the situation all about yourself.

What if it Won’t Budge?

What do you do when that clique just cannot be broken through? What if not matter what you do, they have no interest in meeting you, getting to know you or working with you? Sometimes these groups exist and they are like a brick wall. So what do you do? You move on, and you don’t worry about it because there are other people out there that will value you and the unique  thing that you do.

There are situations where that’s happened before for us in different markets, but ultimately, move on, let it go.

If you are looking for a tribe that will be that group for you, I want you to head to the link below, and I want you to click on our link for our private Facebook group, where we have monthly hot seats and Facebook Lives every single week where you can get additional content just like this.


If you resonated with this blog post, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought or head to the video below and watch our videos all about breaking through cliques in the market place.

Over-saturation in the Photography Industry

Market Saturation

Do you feel like you are fighting for every single client that you get and you’re blaming it on an over-saturated market? Here’s the thing though, you may not actually be facing over-saturation but instead a highly competitive market. Now, I have probably left you scratching your head thinking, aren’t they the same thing.

Today, I am going to share with you three reasons you aren’t facing over saturation and three ways you can grow in a competitive market.R

New Customers

One of the first things that may indicate that you are not in oversaturated market is that there are new customers all the time. I say this based on the definition of what a saturated market is, directly from Investopedia, “From a macro perspective, market saturation occurs when an entire customer base has been serviced, and there are no new customer acquisition opportunities for any firm operating in that industry”. In the photography industry, new customers appear all the time requiring different services such as wedding, family, or portraiture. This is one of the biggest indicators that you are not operating in a saturated market.

Industry Growth

The industry is growing. According to Ibis World over the past five years guys, the photography industry in the U.S. has grown by 1.6% to reach a revenue of 10 billion in 2018. What that means is that the photographers around you are raising their prices, they’re adding in associates, their growing their team, and that is another indicator that you are not operating in an oversaturated market.

New Businesses

There are new people opening photography businesses every single year. In fact, at a rate of 3% growth in the industry this last year of new photographers opening up businesses, on top of that established photographers were adding to their team at a rate of 2.4%, so that means that the industry is growing. 

Now, that we’ve talked about the fact that you’re probably not in a saturated market, what you’re actually in is a competitive market. How can you handle a competitive market and stand out and get booked? Here are our three tips for standing out in a competitive market:

Be Creative

Now I know that sounds really simplistic, but honestly, how many of you have taken classes and then applied a cookie cutter model to your photography to the point that your picture looks like your competitor’s picture who looks like somebody down the street as well. You’ve got to be creative. You have to use your skillset, your eye that nobody else has. That is the first step to standing out.

Be Innovative 

I love the quote that says, “Innovate or Die,” because it’s true guys. You need to look for those products, those things that nobody else has, whether that’s a really cool press printed book or an amazing wrapped art canvas that no one else in your market is offering at all. You need to offer products that help you to stand out. At the same time you have to make sure you talk about that innovation with your customers so they know that you are different from other photographers in your market. 

Learn Outside Your Industry

Guys that is one of the biggest ways we found to stand out in different social media platforms is to stop doing what other people in our industry are doing and to learn from experts in the business arena, experts in the floral business, experts that are wedding planners, or even Fortune 500 companies. Different industries bring different perspectives and foster more innovation and creativity. If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, NO ONE WILL KNOW YOU ARE THERE.

All right guys, so succeeding in a competitive market is hard. It’s absolutely hard if you have to do it on your own. We would love for you to join like minded entrepreneurs and conquer any market you are in. We have a private Facebook group where we share videos only for that group with interviews and hot seats every week, so go check it out and join.

Want more education like this? Then head to our private educational group below!


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Relocating a Business as a Military Spouse

You Have to Move . . .

As a military spouse, moving, is a part of military life. But moving a business isn’t as easy as moving a household of kiddos. You feel like nobody’s in your corner and you don’t have the answers. In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you our top five tips to rapidly relocate your business. It’s the same tips that we have used to move our business five times in ten years.

Have Your Orders in Hand

Guys, I cannot stress this enough that you have to have your orders in hand. You cannot do anything else with your business until you know for certain that you’re actually going to move. It’s happened to us before, where we thought we were going one place and we ended up in another. It would stink to go ahead and put all that effort into getting your business prepped, ready to go to a new duty station and region, only to find out a month later whoops the military messed up or they told you wrong and you’re not actually going to Hawaii, instead you’re going to Antarctica. Yay! So wait until you have orders in hand, period.

Communicate with Your Clients

Let your clients know you’re moving. Why? Because what if you start putting it out on social media that you are going to rock that market in Anchorage, Alaska, and you currently live in Savannah, and your clients that have paid you to cover their wedding or photograph their baby shower see that on social media, but haven’t heard a word about that move from you? They’re going to be ticked off. So go ahead, shoot them an e-mail, let them know before you start posting it all over the inter web. 

** Now, if you are super excited about that move to Hawaii or wherever it may be, write yes below in the comments, let me know that you’re excited about your move.

Reach out to Your Community

Go ahead and start reaching out to your community, but not more than six months ahead of time. Why? Because … really for two reasons … One, if you reach out to this new community more than six months ahead of time, they’re going to think that you’re probably fake, that you’re not actually going to move to the place you’re saying you’re going to move to, and they start kind of acting like, “Yeah, sure, uh-huh. Whatever”. They will then write you off. The other reason you want to wait until your six months out from a move is because that’s a lot of work and it creates a lot of confusion. So wait! Six months is the optimal time to start making that switch.

Find Local Professional Organizations

I want you to go ahead and find local professional organizations in the new place that you’re going to and start joining the. Begin networking with them and start social media interactions with them. Why? Because, they’re going to know your new location better than anyone else. Those are your people. That’s going to be your tribe, your community, and honestly your source of referrals.

So start doing that now, and let me know … If you’ve already done that research, tell me which organization you are super excited to be a part of in the comments below.

Reach out to Past Clients

Lastly, I want you to reach out to your past clients for referrals in your new area. However, before you do, guys, you better make sure you’ve done all the other steps first.

This may seem like a “gimme”, an easy one to do, and in some ways it is, but if you do this one first you’re going to have some angry clients, so make sure you follow the process. Don’t mess with the recipe guys.

Here’s why: This whole sixth degree of separation. You have a client where you currently live right now, but they probably know five or six people in your new duty station, in the new place you’re moving to. So talk to them, let them know how much you’ve loved working with them, and ask them if they have friends that would love working with you in your new duty station. It is a quick and fast way to start building referrals and booking clients in your new place.

Alright guys, now you have our top five tips for getting ready to move your business even before you move your house, but what about networking, SEO, social media? There’s so much more, right?

So, we have something for you for reading to the end of this post. Click on the link below to get our free PCS checklist to get you going, get you on track, ready to roll into your new duty station with your strong, ready to go business. 



I want to thank you so much for spending time with us today. As a final thought, I want you to leave a comment below about our final question:



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How to Make a Blog Content Calendar

Content creation guide for blogging and free downloadHow to Make a Content Calendar for Your Blog

As we head into the New Year, you are probably taking the time to review your business and might, like many others realize that you desperately need to blog but you HATE to write.  I totally get it.

Content Creation Sucks

Creating weekly content for your business can seem like a drag but trust me when I say it makes a huge difference.  It is one of the key cornerstones we use to restart and relocate my photography business rapidly.  If you’re still not a hundred percent convinced then check back next week when we delve more into the why of blogging and SEO as it pertains to rapidly relocating your creative business.  For now though, let’s just get those content calendars started.

Seasonal Topics for Your Content Calendar

As you lay out your content calendar for your blog, start first with any seasonal promotions you may want to highlight or blog posts that may tie into what your ideal client may be walking through during that time of year.

An example of this would be directly targeting engagement season if you are a wedding photographer.  That season typically runs from November through February with forty percent of all engagements occurring during that very short window of time.  For that reason, I would want to push all of my content for the year regarding engagements during that time.

Client Specific Content for Your Calendar

The next piece of the puzzle you need to attack within your content calendar is anything related to a client.  For example, if you are hosting a bridal shower at your venue in two months, you want to block off time in your calendar to highlight that event a few weeks later on the blog.

Not only does this make your client feel valued but it also shows future potential clients that your venue is actively booking clients and is sought after as a place to host events.

Without sharing that content regularly on the blog, your market may assume you have gone out of business.  This blogging tactic is also highly important if you are working to be found in a new market due to relocation.

Leverage Social Media and FAQ’s

If you still are struggling to find things to blog about or you have yet to book clients then let Google and social media help you out.  Start thinking like your ideal client and use your blog to answer their most frequently asked questions.  Those questions point to a fear or concern your client has.  Go be the hero and alleviate those fears with a great blog post.

Expand Your Topics

What the heck is topic expansion? Here it is in a simple nutshell.  Do your clients worry about what to wear, then create a series on that.  Are your brides stressed about the timeline of the day, then answer that in a four part thematic blog all about those exact fears.

We had a frequently asked question about what shoes we wear on a wedding day.  So we went ahead and answered that, but then we had such an overwhelming response about our blog on Tieks versus Rothy’s  that we’re now creating additional topics. Additional topic expansions on how to size them, how to wash them, which ones we liked better.

Now Make it Official

Someone said a goal without a plan is just a dream.  While you may have created an amazing list of blog ideas, they won’t actually happen or ever get written if you don’t make a plan to execute them.  Pull out a calendar or your client management system and start plugging in these topics to your calendar on what days you want them to go live.

Make sure that as you plug these ideas into your content calendar that you are being realistic.  If you have never blogged before or hate doing it then give yourself some grace and don’t schedule more than three a month to begin with.  Still lost on what to write?  Check our download HERE for some ideas to get you started.

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Best Tips for In Person Sales

Selling albums and top tips for in person sales in photographyIn Person Sales

In person sales has gotten a bad rap in the world of photography over the last few years as photographers have increasingly had the opinion that selling things feels icky.  I get it!  I hate being sold to, however, I love when a company takes good care of me.  You know those companies that take care of the things you didn’t even know you needed help with . . . those are the companies I love and we try to emulate.  Now imagine if in person sales were that way for photography.

Educate Ahead of Time

In order for in person sales to be successful, you must educate your client ahead of time.  Expecting them to show up to the sales session without ever seeing your pricing is like throwing a lit powered keg at a tiger’s butt, disastrous and stupid.

Create an Inviting Space

An in person sales session is not a Tupperware party so don’t treat it like one.  This is a high end experience which means your clients should feel relaxed and comfortable in your space.  Make it inviting as you consider what it smells, looks, and feels like.

Have a Clear Agenda

Have a clearly laid out agenda for your in person sales session is crucial.  Practice ahead of time and stick to a natural flow of presenting the images to your client.  In doing this you respect their time and they don’t leave feeling like they wasted a ton of time.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Make sure that throughout the sales session you are following the 80/20 rule.  This simply means you let your client talk eighty percent of the time which can be really hard to do when you are not confident about what you or selling or your process.  Again, practicing letting others talk will make you a better servant of your clients needs.  It allows you to actually hear what their pain points are and how you can help them.

Prepare for Objections

Any objection you encounter during an in person sales session is a direct barrier to a sale.  You must be prepared to respond to objections in a way that solves your clients problem and leads them through the purchasing process to a final decision.  Noticed, I didn’t say sale.  In person sales is not about minimum purchases or icky sales tactics but about understanding your clients concerns and needs and finally solving them.


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5 Tips for Updating Branding

how to update your branding with a photoshootUpdating Branding

As we head into a new year, it is always a great time to update your branding through new photos from a branding shoot.  This is especially important if you have changed your logo, hair, added glasses, or altered your logo colors.  Updating your branding images, gives you new and fresh content to post.  So how do you go about updating your branding?  Below are our top 5 tips for updating branding.

It Must be Well Defined

Before ever embarking on a creating an updating branding shoot you must first make sure that your brand is well defined.  If it isn’t or you aren’t crystal clear about who you are serving, you will end up creating a shoot that falls flat or does nothing to communicate who you are and what you do.

Find the Right Photographer

There are some amazing photographers out there and just like any industry, there are some so so ones.  You want to first make sure that the photographer you are hiring can shoot for your brand and the work they produce aligns with it.  Secondly, make sure that your photographer is an active participant in the process to make sure they understand the story and type of marketing images you will need.

Commercial Copyright Release

As you search for a photographer for your branding shoot, the biggest legal consideration is that of a commercial copyright release.  This is a little less strict than a general copyright release that most portrait photographers will give you.  A commercial release will allow for you to overlay text and use the images to advertise your business, something vital when it comes to a strong branding shoot.

Location, Location

After you have completed the first three steps, make sure that you pick a good location for your branding images.  Location choice needs to be discussed with the photographer. This insures that the place you pick aligns with your branding colors.  Make sure you also check with the owner of the place before showing up. Some locations require a rental fee or permit.

What to Wear

Lastly, as you prepare for your branding session you need to make sure that what you wear is also in line with your brand.  Consider that you have spent all this time planning for your session only to have what you are wearing not fit with the rest of the shoot.  If you need help with this, might I suggest a service like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix to help find the right pieces for you.

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Why is SEO Important for Relocating a Business

Why is set important to growing your businessWhy is SEO important for Relocation

I am sure by now you have heard that SEO is important for growing your business but did you know that SEO is equally as important for relocating a business.  As you face relocation in your business, you no doubt have noticed that your are in some ways literally starting your business over from scratch.  SEO has the power to leverage the work you have already done in order to help you rapidly grow.

SEO Puts You in Front of New Clients

Imagine something so powerful that it can put you in front of a network you have never been a part of, that is the power of SEO to get you in front of new clients.  Each time we relocate, we have started the behind the scenes work early with SEO, in order to be found and get booked by new ideal clients.

Allows You to Move into New Markets

Even if you aren’t facing a relocation of your business, SEO allows you to move into new markets without having to physically relocate your business into a new area.  Through the right keywords and topics for blogging, you can show up in front of ideal clients in new markets.

SEO Can Increase Revenue

The number of clients you book is often in portion to the number of inquiries you get. More inquiries means more clients which then means increased revenue.  When we first started implementing SEO correctly into our website, blog, and social media we saw our revenue shoot up by seventy-seven percent.  So, the question is, have I convinced you yet of the need for SEO?  If you are wanting more information on how to use it and why then head to the Youtube video below for some extra bits of information.

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