For moving should be a daring adventure rather than a fearful journey

I'm Meredith and when I first started my photography business, no one could tell me how to grow it fast enough or restart it in a new market. Sound familiar? Hitting the restart button on a business in any market can feel scary, frustrating, and very isolated . .

But I am here to tell you a secret, it doesn’t have to be.

I was unwilling to be defined by what others were doing and decided to find ways to make my business fit our family lifestyle and you can to!  

Since restarting my business in new markets multiple times, I have seen my profits double with each new place we move to. I have had client inquiries and bookings occur before ever reaching the new city we are moving to.

I want you to experience the same freedom and success as well.

About Meredith

Hello Creative!

Moving Your business forward without fear

You are amazing at what you do but it feels like nobody sees or hears your awesomeness because you are trying your darndest to move your business into a new market . . tired of trying to rebuild over and over . . 

I have been there to. . . so no worries my friend, I can help!

Yes I Am!

What we do

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For business should be a daring adventure rather than a fearful journey

We have a variety of services that will help you hit restart on your business. Ebooks, Mentoring sessions, Skype focus calls, with 10 years in business, we have what you need to get your business back on track!

From needing a customized workflow to a personalized marketing plan, we believe that one size does NOT fit all and a business plan shouldn't be created with that mentality in mind.  We are here to help . . . where ever you are in your business.

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How we can help you!

"Meredith has been a wonderful asset in helping me to launch my business in a new location. I recently moved from New York to Virginia and her assistance and knowledge regarding "starting over" after relocating has been invaluable in helping me to conquer some of my initial fears in moving my business. I really value The Restart Specialist and am so glad that I have Meredith's support and encouragement!"


"My company literally would not exist if not for the cheerleading, coaching and encouragement of Meredith. The Restart specialist has been great motivation and accountability to keep taking steps forward. . ."


"Meredith is a photography professional who truly knows not only the industry, but also the nature of a small business. She has been an incredible mentor, which is proving invaluable to my portrait and wedding photography business. Without hesitation, I highly recommend The Restart Specialist."


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An in person mentoring session is designed to give you in-depth help for restarting your business! The mentoring can be about anything in regards to either relocating, relaunching, or restarting a business. You will leave with actionable steps that will start to grow your business in the direction you have envisioned. Our mentoring is $2,000 for an 8 hour session and a headshot session!

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A starting guide to creating and implementing a workflow that will save you precious time in the day to day of your business while also insuring that you create a more consistent experience for your client.

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A Skype session is designed to give you in-depth help for ONE area of your business for one hour! These can be booked individually or on a recurring basis.

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Get Booked in Any Market

Skype Focus Session

In Person Mentoring Session

Workflow E-Book

The first of its kind, this e-book originally created back in 2014 is for those who are facing the struggles of getting booked in any market or relocating their business into a new market. Move your business forward without fear! Break into any market and thrive where you are planted!

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