I was told I should go work for someone else . . .
Because I could never run a real business . . .

The industry does a damn good job of telling you can have everything as long as you fit into the mold they expect you to conform to.

But here is the deal . . . that is freaking exhausting trying to fit into shoes to small for the big dreams you have. So instead of laying down my dreams to work hard on someone else’s, I doubled down on what I knew worked.

14 years later I have moved my business multiple times and am still here standing.

I’m Meredith

Military spouse and momma to two not so little people anymore. Originally an art professor, I never imagined I’d be a wedding photographer or business coach. However, being an Army wife taught me to embrace a unique career path, one that had to adapt to constant change. Balancing art with a stable income in the midst of frequent moves became a mission not only for me but morphed into a mission to help others achieve their goals.  

I love empowering fellow creatives to cultivate a business that is both flexible and efficient, allowing them to thrive in the market they are in or the market they want to be in.

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