Business and photography education are not a one size fits all. Sure there are basic tenents to it … BUT we are creatives! That means coloring inside the lines and doing what is expected of us is not always the best path.

Education for photographers


One on one mentoring

A personalized plan that meets your needs, goals, and on a timeline that makes sense for the world you live in. Whether it's a zoom call or in-person, we give you in-depth help for restarting the fire in your photography business! You will leave with actionable steps that will start to grow your business in the direction you have envisioned.

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Learn together

Group Coaching

The accountability you have been craving that goes beyond goal setting into goal accomplishing. The connection you have been craving with a community that understands what you are struggling with and is there to cheer you on. (I loaded a video for this into the website).

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Learn at your own pace

From an e-book originally created for those who are facing the struggles of getting booked in any market to e-books on workflow and business.


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An in person mentoring session isn't always an option and you truly need a course that you can do at your own pace. I get it, because I have been there as a mom starting up a photography business in the midst of moving it into new markets. We've got you covered.

Video Courses

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Some of our favorite little bits of business bites designed to help answer questions that we wished someone could have answered for us when we just got started.


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Meredith has been a wonderful asset in helping me to launch my business in a new location. I recently moved from New York to Virginia and her assistance and knowledge regarding "starting over" after relocating has been invaluable in helping me to conquer some of my initial fears in moving my business. I really value The Restart Specialist and am so glad that I have Meredith's support and encouragement!

Jess Capozzola

Working with Meredith form The Restart Specialist couldn't have been any easier! I highly recommend reaching out if you are in need of branding photos and someone to help you understand the direction your looking to take your business in. I cant wait to take my business to the next level thanks to Meredith!

Cassandra Gamble

Class is in Session

Hand me a mic . . . and let’s dive into the meat and potatoes your audience is craving. No cotton candy, no gate keeping. Just an open book of actionable steps for your next conference, workshop, or retreat.