Are you looking for a creative with a heart for efficiency and balance who knows how to restart a business in any market? It would be my pleasure to join you at your next conference or workshop. As a former art professor I am have a passion for seeing artists shed the stigma that they can’t make money at what they love. That passion can be seen in each of the sessions we offer.

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Content Creation that won’t make you crazy - We all know we need to create content to market but who has the time. In this signature talk I will walk you through the steps needed to find what is currently trending in the industry, create effortless content on it when you may not have any, and recycle it on different platforms in a way that saves you time and helps you market faster.

Workflow that Works - Starting out as a business owner, this was the last thing I ever wanted to do until I realized that it gave me my life back and allowed me to get back to being a mom with hobbies. In this talk we share how to build a workflow that gives your clients a consistent and amazing experience while automating your CRM so you don’t have to work as hard.

Restarting a Business in any Market - In this signature talk, I share how I went from being stressed out as a new business owner in a new market to moving over 8 times and thriving no matter where we were planted. I will share my top 5 tips for blooming where you are or where you want to be.

Starting IPS without losing your clients or your mind - The most profitable photographers in the industry don’t just deliver digitals, they deliver tangible heirloom products to their clients as well. In this session I will walk you through how to make the shift smoothly into IPS with your current clients, how to provide a service like no other, and deliver amazing heirloom items that wow.

While these are my signature topics, I am more than happy to create a custom keynote for your workshop, conference, or event that meets the specific needs of your audience.

The Restart Specialist has been featured on the Focused Podcast, Mobility Magazine, The International Academy of Wedding Photographers, Biz and Bubbly, Bokeh Podcast, Two Bright Lights, The Business Bites Podcast, and Military Families.


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