Keeping Your Desk Organized in the New Year

An Organized Desk

An organized desk is usually not the reality in my office.  Things tend to get placed on my desk to be dealt with later and usually, they don’t.  Things like a loose button off my daughters sweater or my headphones from the gym that I plopped down after getting back from a workout.  The problem with this is that I am constantly waisting time looking for something or straightening up before a video call.

My Brain

The reality is that my brain is more creative in beautiful calm environments (whose with me) and so I am doing myself, my husband (who works with me), and my clients a disservice when I don’t keep my desk a little more neat.  This isn’t about having a Pinterest worthy office space but rather a space that allows me to give 100%, cause there is no way to hide the utilitarian look of my GIANT hard drive or card readers . . why don’t they come in pink or teal . . why black!!!

A Goal in 2018

So for 2018 I set a goal for myself to keep my office space not only clean but visually inspiring despite being unable to convince Drobo to offer a teal hard drive.  If this is a goal for yourself then here are a few things to help you organize your space.

  1. Have an inspiration board like this one to remind you of what is important or as a cheerful reminder on tough days.
  2. Have a place for everything to go at night so that in the morning you don’t walk back into the hot mess that I shared with you below
  3. Get rid of the unnecessary things that clutter up a space and add to much noise to what is going on.

Check back to see what we end up doing with this mess.  If you are looking for more information on workflows, organization, and productivity then make sure you sign up for our newsletter below.  We have some great things coming your way soon.