Relocating a Business as a Military Spouse

You Have to Move . . .

As a military spouse, moving, is a part of military life. But moving a business isn’t as easy as moving a household of kiddos. You feel like nobody’s in your corner and you don’t have the answers. In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you our top five tips to rapidly relocate your business. It’s the same tips that we have used to move our business five times in ten years.

Have Your Orders in Hand

Guys, I cannot stress this enough that you have to have your orders in hand. You cannot do anything else with your business until you know for certain that you’re actually going to move. It’s happened to us before, where we thought we were going one place and we ended up in another. It would stink to go ahead and put all that effort into getting your business prepped, ready to go to a new duty station and region, only to find out a month later whoops the military messed up or they told you wrong and you’re not actually going to Hawaii, instead you’re going to Antarctica. Yay! So wait until you have orders in hand, period.

Communicate with Your Clients

Let your clients know you’re moving. Why? Because what if you start putting it out on social media that you are going to rock that market in Anchorage, Alaska, and you currently live in Savannah, and your clients that have paid you to cover their wedding or photograph their baby shower see that on social media, but haven’t heard a word about that move from you? They’re going to be ticked off. So go ahead, shoot them an e-mail, let them know before you start posting it all over the inter web. 

** Now, if you are super excited about that move to Hawaii or wherever it may be, write yes below in the comments, let me know that you’re excited about your move.

Reach out to Your Community

Go ahead and start reaching out to your community, but not more than six months ahead of time. Why? Because … really for two reasons … One, if you reach out to this new community more than six months ahead of time, they’re going to think that you’re probably fake, that you’re not actually going to move to the place you’re saying you’re going to move to, and they start kind of acting like, “Yeah, sure, uh-huh. Whatever”. They will then write you off. The other reason you want to wait until your six months out from a move is because that’s a lot of work and it creates a lot of confusion. So wait! Six months is the optimal time to start making that switch.

Find Local Professional Organizations

I want you to go ahead and find local professional organizations in the new place that you’re going to and start joining the. Begin networking with them and start social media interactions with them. Why? Because, they’re going to know your new location better than anyone else. Those are your people. That’s going to be your tribe, your community, and honestly your source of referrals.

So start doing that now, and let me know … If you’ve already done that research, tell me which organization you are super excited to be a part of in the comments below.

Reach out to Past Clients

Lastly, I want you to reach out to your past clients for referrals in your new area. However, before you do, guys, you better make sure you’ve done all the other steps first.

This may seem like a “gimme”, an easy one to do, and in some ways it is, but if you do this one first you’re going to have some angry clients, so make sure you follow the process. Don’t mess with the recipe guys.

Here’s why: This whole sixth degree of separation. You have a client where you currently live right now, but they probably know five or six people in your new duty station, in the new place you’re moving to. So talk to them, let them know how much you’ve loved working with them, and ask them if they have friends that would love working with you in your new duty station. It is a quick and fast way to start building referrals and booking clients in your new place.

Alright guys, now you have our top five tips for getting ready to move your business even before you move your house, but what about networking, SEO, social media? There’s so much more, right?

So, we have something for you for reading to the end of this post. Click on the link below to get our free PCS checklist to get you going, get you on track, ready to roll into your new duty station with your strong, ready to go business. 



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