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Move your business stress freeStress Free Moving

Are you trying to move your house to a new location? Are you trying to PCS (permanent change of station for non military) or do a military move to another state? Look no further as we give you our top moving tips that will make your move stress free. 

Moving as a military spouse can be very difficult. Dealing with the military moving process is a job in and of itself. Then you have to deal with the new location, registering kids and everyone for school, setting up services…It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out. These moving tips and tricks are all things we have learned over our own last six moves to make the process go that much better. 

Tip 1

Place all like items in one area. If you place all of your like items in one area, there is less likelihood that items will be mixed up. One thing we try to do is place all of our picture frames in one space of the house. This makes it easy for the packers to identify all of the pictures and pack them in appropriate boxes. 

Tip 2

Block off one area in your house. This room will be used to place stuff you do not want the movers to touch. These items may include your valuable belongings and any heirloom items that can’t be replaced. Our rule is that if I can’t replace it, then it goes with me. The easiest way to block off a room or area is with blue scotch tape. This ensures the movers know they must not go in that area and it doesn’t leave a residue on the walls or floor. 

Tip 3

Treat your movers like people. So often we have heard stories of people not giving water or even, in extreme cases, not letting their movers use the bathroom in the house. COME ON!! They are people just like you and me and have to work in the most miserable temperatures and times of the year. We have seen the happier we keep our movers, the less likely we have property damage or items misplaced during a move.

Tip 4

Label all boxes with your last name. If your house is getting loaded onto a truck with another house you want to ensure your boxes don’t get mixed up with someone else belongings. A great way to avoid this is to write your name on 3 of the 4 sides of any moving box. This helps just in case a box is accidentally taken off the truck at the wrong house, that someone will identify it quickly and put it back on.

Tip 5

Go to a Bulk store (like Costco) and buy Gallon Ziploc Bags. These are your best friends during a move. These help to pack your small items like silverware or kids toys. Trust me, if you don’t, they will be dumped in a box with other things and will never be found. The BOX MONSTERS eat everything!

These are our top five tips and will make your move so much easier. Now, if you are moving a business, I want you to know, we have you covered. We developed a Business Moving Checklist just for you. This checklist walks you through the whole process so that you don’t lose any business during your move. You can download it by clicking the link below:


We have included additional tips in our weekly Youtube Video. You can get these by clicking the image below. 

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