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Break into Any Market

Restarting a business and having to break into any market as a business owner is HARD!  For a long time I have seen entrepreneurs let the fear of restarting a business and breaking into new markets hold them back.  They wanted the ability to grow clients in new regions but were overwhelmed with the idea of where to even begin.  Whether it was a military spouse facing a PCS and a loss of profit or simply a single mom dreaming of rapidly growing her established business enough to support her family, the answers just simply were not there.

Traditional marketing methods often ask us to grow slow and build referral networks that drive amazing clients to our businesses.  Now don’t get me wrong those traditional methods and slow growth build strong businesses but they take time to create growth and that was time I just didn’t have.  See, when you are a military spouse like me, those traditional methods required me to be in a region or market for awhile.  It left me feeling defeated and exhausted with very little results.  I needed a way to accelerate my business and break into a new market rapidly, despite being the new girl on the block.  Many of the business owners that have mentored with us through the years felt that same fear and frustration as they searched for the answer to grow their market and increase their profit.  It took really looking at our processes and being told we would never make it, to realize we already had the answer.

Being Told We Would Not Make It

My first few times attempting a move into a new market didn’t have me feeling amazing or . . in fact it was quite the opposite.  I was stressed and exhausted.  Keeping my business running was the furthest thing from my mind because I was in COMPLETE survival mode.  Instead of throwing in the towel, I started looking at ways to make my business work for the lifestyle we had and the dreams that were always hovering in the back of my mind.

I attended a workshop in 2015 and asked my usual questions regarding marketing and relocation.  Now I am not sure if the speaker was trying to be sarcastic and funny or just simply was a total jerk.  When I asked him his advice on relocating and growing a successful business, he basically looked me dead in the eye and said “You picked this life. . . you have two options . . either have your husband find a different job or just be happy with being an assistant to a more established business in each new market you go to”.  Oh that got me fired up!  

Looking at the Numbers

Out of that encounter my husband and I had a long chat as I drove home from the workshop.  We picked apart every move, every relocation we had ever had. . we realized that we already had the beginnings of a marketing system in place. One that allowed us to rapidly restart my business and book clients in new markets before ever living there.  This image represents our business in Texas and then the growth that occurred using our system as we relocated to Virginia in 2014 with a 76% increase in revenue followed by an additional 49% increase the following year.  Following that we made a move to one of the hardest markets I have ever worked in.  We still saw growth in this new market by using the system we have created.


I Knew I Wasn’t the Only One

I knew that if I was feeling frustrated with moving a business then others were as well and that something had to be done about it.  Since 2015, we have been honing in on what worked and what didn’t.  I became obsessed with providing hope for other military spouses facing the same problem we were.  Along the way, I realized, it wasn’t just the military creative that was struggling.  There were pastors wives, spouses to CEOs, and single moms that were also struggling to grow their businesses rapidly in new markets.  Over the past year we have taken the content originally shared in my e-book and written a course with this topic in mind.

Announcing the RESTART Course

This course is the first of its kind originally designed to meet the needs of the military spouse and the nomadic lives we lead, we quickly found it had a more far reaching impact on small business creatives who are looking to grow their market where they are or where they want to be.  This is the only rapid marketing and relocation course you will ever need. It is filled with over 30 videos and hours of content, using the exact systems I implement in my own business to this day.  

In addition to me teaching you the methods we use, I also brought on a legal expert.  Crossing city, county, state and even continents has a huge impact on your business and I wanted you to have the information you need to protect your assets and make a profit.  I brought on Rachel Brenke, a lawyer, owner of the Lawtog, and a fellow creative business owner to explain the these legal implications.

I would be remiss to not include a section on SEO as it is one of the biggest players in us booking jobs at NASA, for new wedding venues, and clients out of state.  While we used to do our own SEO, it is an ever changing beast and so we brought on Myrna Daramy, the owner of the company we use to do our own SEO.  Myrna will be sharing simple tips you can implement in your own business to leverage the power of search engines in a new market.

Lastly for this course, we asked our friend Caryn of Social U to share with you the process needed to create a killer Facebook Ad and actionable tips for utilizing Instagram better because while we believe in the power of SEO, we know that a multi-tiered approach is a MUST in order to rapidly take the business you have created and transplant it into new regions and markets.  I hope you will join me in a course designed to bring you profits as you confidently break into new markets.  For more information on the course, head here.