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5 Tips for Updating Branding

how to update your branding with a photoshootUpdating Branding

As we head into a new year, it is always a great time to update your branding through new photos from a branding shoot.  This is especially important if you have changed your logo, hair, added glasses, or altered your logo colors.  Updating your branding images, gives you new and fresh content to post.  So how do you go about updating your branding?  Below are our top 5 tips for updating branding.

It Must be Well Defined

Before ever embarking on a creating an updating branding shoot you must first make sure that your brand is well defined.  If it isn’t or you aren’t crystal clear about who you are serving, you will end up creating a shoot that falls flat or does nothing to communicate who you are and what you do.

Find the Right Photographer

There are some amazing photographers out there and just like any industry, there are some so so ones.  You want to first make sure that the photographer you are hiring can shoot for your brand and the work they produce aligns with it.  Secondly, make sure that your photographer is an active participant in the process to make sure they understand the story and type of marketing images you will need.

Commercial Copyright Release

As you search for a photographer for your branding shoot, the biggest legal consideration is that of a commercial copyright release.  This is a little less strict than a general copyright release that most portrait photographers will give you.  A commercial release will allow for you to overlay text and use the images to advertise your business, something vital when it comes to a strong branding shoot.

Location, Location

After you have completed the first three steps, make sure that you pick a good location for your branding images.  Location choice needs to be discussed with the photographer. This insures that the place you pick aligns with your branding colors.  Make sure you also check with the owner of the place before showing up. Some locations require a rental fee or permit.

What to Wear

Lastly, as you prepare for your branding session you need to make sure that what you wear is also in line with your brand.  Consider that you have spent all this time planning for your session only to have what you are wearing not fit with the rest of the shoot.  If you need help with this, might I suggest a service like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix to help find the right pieces for you.

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