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Move Your Business with Community

Community and moving a military familyCommunity and Moving

Community is paramount when it comes to moving and expanding your market.  We are not islands alone and separate from the world.  We were created to be in a community with others.  A network that ideally helps and serves one another.  When you are preparing to move into a new market with your business, it is incredibly important to start building relationships with people in this new community that you will be a part of.

Relationships and Relocation

Part of our relocation course talks about relationships and community when facing a move. You can start to build them before you move or before you start advertising in a new market. A question we often get when it comes to this is “what happens if no one wants to talk to me?”

Our very simple answer is find someone else!

Experienced business owners who are successful know that the majority of their business revolves around people. Building relationships with fellow business owners is crucial to being successful in any market. Unfortunately, the biggest limiting factor to getting to know other people is TIME and MINDSET. When you are trying to expand rapidly… you need to meet other business owners quickly and not go through 20 people that aren’t your tribe of folks only to finally get to that one person that we instantly connect with over a shared love of Jane Austen or Avengers Movies. Through our years of doing this, we have gotten really good at learning to select vendors we need to get to know based on a few factors:

Three Things to Look At

  1. Social Media- do they have one and how often are they updating it? Active business should be updating it once a week. Is the content that they are sharing something that resonates with you?  Most of all look to see if they are responding to people and building other relationships or just adding to the noise of social media. Notice how I did not say how many “LIKES” they have. We have found this is probably one of the worst indicators of a successful business if they will be a good connection.
  2. Website- is there website cohesive and does it paint a clear picture of their brand? Their brand should illicit a “YES, THAT’S ME TOO” response when you see it.
  3. Reviews- do they have google or other platform reviews (the knot, wedding wire, etc.) Clients will say a lot and are usually the most honest sources of info you can get. They are truly unafraid to tell you exactly how they feel.

Now What

Now that you have found a few people that feel like you can connect with through your searches on social media and Google, reach out to them and ask to set up a coffee date.  Take the time to get to know who they are beyond the internet and what they love.  This will start building the community you deserve in the new location that you are moving into are dreaming of marketing to.

Let’s Stay Connected

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