Get Started in Branding Photography

Get Started in Branding Photography

Business branding photography (also called personal braining photography) is on the rise within the photography community. Today, we are joined by Los Angeles premiere personal branding photographer Bernadette Marciniak, a recent student of our Restart Course. Bernadette was not always in the branding photography business. She was working as a wedding photographer but soon realized she wanted the ability to do more. She searched for alternate revenue streams and discovered the world of personal branding photography. As a result of making the switch into personal branding photography, she has stopped working a regular 9-5 job and is wildly successful in her business (Did I also mention she is one of our top students from the RESTART course).  Here are her top tips for branding photography.

Top 3 Tips as a Brand Photographer

A pushback is not a failure.  I had some clients who said this doesn’t feel right.  I would feel like “I FAILED THIS” but then they would be repeat clients.  This may be a hard lesson to learn but sometimes what felt like a failure may turn into something great.

Tip Number Two is that you know more than you think you do.  We often hesitate to make jumps out of fear that they aren’t good enough.  You may not be 100% ready but that shouldn’t stop you.

Lastly, in person networking is by far the biggest source of success both personally and professionally but not from a mindset of “my next client could be here.”  Your mindset matters in this and how you approach networking.  It is the block that you have to get through in order to be successful.

Top 3 Things to Avoid as a Brand Photog

First, branding photography is a pivot from traditional photography.  You have to let go of a LOT of what you have learned so far as a traditional wedding photographer or portrait artist.

Tip number two would be to have a commercial license for your clients. They need to have the ability to use these images for marketing and promoting their own business.

Lastly, you have to allow your clients to crop and edit your photos.  This is why they are hiring you . . . to be able to overlay text and have marketing materials.  Yes, this is a deviation from wedding photography but that is why there is a higher price point associated with it.

want more from Bernadette? Head to the video above to see the full interview with her on how she got started in brand photography and what caused that shift from weddings.

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