Project Obscura This was my third year attending Project Obscura and my second year speaking at the event.  In years past this two-day workshop has been held in Las Vegas around the same time as WPPI.  This year was a little different and found this event relocating to Kansas City.  What exactly is Project Obscura?  […]

Project Obscura Recap

A review of the photography conference project obscura

Increase You Sales Now more than ever we as business owners need to look for unique ways to increase sales.  One of the best ways to do that as photographers are with innovative sales ideas centered around service to your clients.  For this, we turn to Room-Vu from N-Vu, our gallery hosting software, and sales […]


Unique Ways to Increase Your Sales with Room-Vu

Wedding Photography Pricing Guide | Which Pricing Model is for you? In order for you to run a successful photography business your pricing has to be spot on. With so many opinions, which pricing model is right for me? In today’s blog we are going to give  you a comprehensive wedding photography pricing guide so […]

Wedding Photography Pricing Guide

Wedding Pricing for beginnners

Get Started in Branding Photography Business branding photography (also called personal braining photography) is on the rise within the photography community. Today, we are joined by Los Angeles premiere personal branding photographer Bernadette Marciniak, a recent student of our Restart Course. Bernadette was not always in the branding photography business. She was working as a […]

Get Started in Branding Photography

Album Pricing Guide Part 2 Today we are back with part 2 of our album pricing guide. Last week we focused on how to pick your album company and determine the option you will offer. In part 2, we are going to cover how to actually price the album and options that we chose from […]

Wedding Album Pricing | A How to Guide | Part 2

determine your pricing for albums