Relocating Your Photography Business | How to Announce It

relocating your photography business

moving a business

Moving a business can be hard but there are certain things that you can do to make it better or worse.  One of them is how and when you announce that you are relocating your photography business.  While this may not seem like a huge deal, it can be. 

Make sure you are ACTUALLY Moving

I know this may sound crazy but having been a military spouse for almost 15 years, I know that orders for moves can change and even if it’s not military . . . things can still change.  A few years ago we were supposed to go to Chapel Hill and then it changed to Maryland before settling on Birmingham.  What a mess that would have made if we had announced each of those moves one after the other for my photography business.  The message would have become one that made me look unprofessional and cause doubt with the current customers that I had.  While this may feel frustrating, it is better to confirm the move before announcing it.

Tell your current clients first

This step in how to announce your business is moving is vital.  Imagine investing in a portrait session or wedding only to hear on social media that your photographer is moving.  You would probably feel very apprehensive about whether or not your photographer was still going to do what you had hired them to do.  Instead, by telling them first they continue to trust you and you also don’t end up trying to calm down an angry client.

Treat the announcement like a launch party

We often see moving announcements as simple as a quick Facebook live or a post on Instagram.  It’s almost anticlimactic and is a loss of momentum for you and your business.  In the same way that courses, products, and new websites often have a full launch plan, moving a business should as well.  The more momentum, the better.

Drop that Hint

Before the actual announcement happens, drop those hints.  Building anticipation of what you are doing causes folks to sit up and pay attention.  Whether it’s hints associated with where you are moving or just simply that something exciting is happening, you have to build up to moving.

Bring people along with you

Call on local friends and fellow business owners to share your moving when it comes time.  The more you share the better.  The more eyes on your move, the more likely that the marketing will gain traction even faster.

Not sure what the next steps are after the announcement?  Read more about moving a business here or check out our relocation course here.

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