Why Blogging Matters When You Move

Moving a business forward without fear

Blogging matters to moving a business forward without fear

We often get asked why we still blog and for me the answer is simple, BLOGGING MATTERS.  I want to be found by my ideal clients and fellow wedding vendors who are looking for the thing that we do.  Being a military spouse, SEO is just as vital to the continued growth of my business as vendor referrals and so blogging matters.  This is how we forward market into a new region we are moving to or a new destination location that we want to work in.

Blogging Before You Move

If you are facing a move in 2 months, 6 months, or a year you need to start marketing into your new destination.  This can be done through bucket list posts, vendor highlights, or a day in the life feature.  If you have the finances and time, going there yourself can be very powerful.  By physically being in that city or location you can start to create images that will go into these blog posts as well as on Instagram and other social media avenues.

Bucket Lists

Blog posts featuring bucket lists are often easy content to create.  With a little bit of research and maybe a phone call or two blogging a list of future hotspots to visit can not only be great for SEO but it can get you excited for that move that maybe has had you down.  These posts get me excited for my move and also help me to plan out a day in the life feature in the future.  Lastly, don’t let a good opportunity go to waste.  Reach out to the shops and locations on that list and let them know they have been featured.  It starts to create a buzz around you and good karma before you ever get to your new home.

Vendor Highlights

When it comes to vendor highlights blogging matters because people love to share about the work they do and the business they have built.  This is often incredibly easy to do if you are a wedding photographer but sometimes harder to wrap your head around if you aren’t.

  • If you photograph families or seniors are there any local boutiques that cater to them?
  • If you shoot boudoir can you feature a hair and makeup artist that is local?
  • As a wedding photographer are there local venues and planners to interview and ask about the wedding market there?

If you are able to get into town before your move and capture some images, use these in your blog post.  Otherwise, you may need to ask them to provide images from their brand that you can share.  Once published on your blog, send the link over to the vendors for them to share out on their own social media channels.

Day in the Life

This style of blog post matters because it showcases that you truly are connected to a geographical location.  People say you have to show what you want to shoot but you also have to show where you want to shoot.  This is a great follow up blog post to the bucket list post from above.  Go visit all the places you listed and then while you are there set up an editorial big or small.  It can be as easy as an engagement session.  Not sure how to book one in a new market?  We will be sharing all about that soon.

Blogging Matters to Bookings

Blogging matters to your bookings because they need to be able to connect you with that area or vendor.  This goes back to a simple know, like, and trust factor.  As you are marketing into a new location and pressing forward with bookings this will help with the K.L.T. and SEO.  This is one of the key factors in us being found in a new market and successfully booking in that market.  While some say that blogging is dead, we disagree whole-heartedly.  If you are struggling with content creation topics, make sure you click on and check out our course below or scroll back up and check out our video on the same topic.

blogging content creation course

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