Top 5 tips for attending Engage

Engage Summits

Attending Engage Summits

Engage Summits is an immersive luxury wedding conference with some of the best thought leaders in industry.  Hosted at amazing locations all over the world, it provides a place for connection and collaboration like no other.  As a wedding professional if you plan on attending, here are my top 5 tips to know before you go.

Clean up your space

Before you attend Engage or really any conference you should clean up your online space.  Ask yourself if your social media and website are telling others what you want it to.  Years ago, I sat down with a mentor of mine to go through my website and my initial response was “don’t look at that.  My best work is over on Instagram.”

If you feel that way about any space where your business is present, you need to clean it up.  You only get to make a first impression once.  Make sure that it’s a good first impression.  If you need help with this, consider booking a strategy session here to get started.

Make Sure You Budget

For most people attending Engage, this is an investment in their business, and it isn’t a small one.  You will want to stay at the host hotel for this event and travel is usually involved.  Those are the obvious items to consider.  Additionally, there is a suggested what to wear for each event and it is extensive.  Budget accordingly for this but know that as long as you are in the general theme and direction of what is going on, you will be fine.  You can certainly buy a new wardrobe, but you do not need to.

Attend with a Friend

It is certainly more fun to attend conferences and summits with a friend but keep one thing in mind if you are an introvert, do not Velcro to them.  Attending Engage is an experience that is highly centered around connection and networking with new people.  If you spend the entire time only hanging out with friends that you already know, you have missed the point.  Instead, attend together and treat each other like home base.  Venture out and connect with others but when you need a break, check in with home base.

Be Present

While attending Engage, you want to make sure that you can be fully present and immersed in what is going on.  This means turning on your away message for your inbox and wrapping up loose ends on current projects so that you do not find yourself feeling pulled in different directions during the summit.

Follow Up Plan

Once all the fun has ended and you have headed back home, you don’t want that to be the end of it all.  Have a follow up plan with those that you made strong connections with throughout the week.  This will look different for each person.  It may be a phone call, a handwritten note, or even a quick email.

Ultimately, the biggest thing to remember when attending Engage is why you are there in the first place.  It is to connect and build relationships while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you aren’t fully sure if you are ready for Engage, reach out here and let’s chat.

Tips for Attending Engage Summits