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Blog Content Planning

Blog Content Planning

Blog Content Planning 2019

Putting together a blog content calendar can be so painful and frustrating that in the end you just give up and don’t do it. This is one of the worst things you can do to maintain relevancy on the internet and for your search engine optimization (SEO). Every blog post is sees as a change to your website. This change let’s Google know that your website is still relevant. In addition, it allows you to be found by different audiences as different people are interested in different content. 

One of the best practices that has has helped us is developing a blog content strategy A blog is not just something that you whip together the night before and paste it onto your website. It has to be thought out and you have to develop rich blog content ideas. It is not enough to just publish on a consistent basis but you have to publish content that will attract readers and persuade them to read more of your content. This is why a strategy is so important especially during this time in the digital age. Here are our top tips that we do every month to develop our content strategy:

Stratify Your Content

This means that you can’t just post any content. You have to have content that is in conjunction with your brand. We call this having “buckets”. For example, in our photography business we talk about bridal tips, photography education, wedding planning tips, and a few others. Each one of my blogs has to fall into one of those categories or I risk detaching our readers. So, before you start planning your content make sure you have your “buckets” well defined

Correspond With The Seasons

One of the easiest content pieces you can write can be about the season you are in. In other words, if it’s Christmas make sure you are writing about honey baked hame, your favorite Christmas recipe, favorite Christmas gift, and so on. All of these ideas correspond to the theme of Christmas. If you try to throw an Easter idea in there, it will really hurt your views because it sends mixed signals to the people who read your blog.

Use Google Trends

This is a more recent discovery. In the beginning, we had no idea this existed or how useful it could be. Google trends helps to answer an age old question: “What is popular right now?” Think of it as a “popularity search engine” within Google itself. This shows if certain keywords are gaining traction or becoming popular within Google. You can use this by coordinating your blog posts with specific uptrends on certain keywords. If the keyword is gaining traction, then your blog post will become more sought out and gain you more views. To caveat this, I don’t want you to follow this religiously because your content may look very incoherent. Instead use it on a as needed basis to coordinate with your blog and the season. Here is the website for Google Trends 

Make it Work for You

Everyone learns and organizes differently. Some people use post it notes, Trello, calendars, or some other means to put down their blog content calendars. We were told for years that we had to do it a certain way. After 10 years of trial and error, we found that the only certain way is YOUR WAY. Put your blog content calendar down in a way that you will stick to. The important thing is make sure that you will be consistent with it. 

Always be Ahead

Maintaining a blog is hard job. Let’s be honest, LIFE HAPPENS. Kids get sick and in-laws just decide to show up. When this happens, your blog is the least of your worries. This is the main reason we always teach to our students to be TWO WEEKS AHEAD in your blog posts. This way, when life happens you are always ready. Now, this time frame of two weeks can change. In a move season we try to make it up to a month to make sure we are covered. You can adjust this time period so that it fits your business, but minimally we recommend two weeks ahead always. 

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