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Final Thoughts on Workflow

Workflow Final Thoughts

Over the last five weeks we have covered many different topics. If you have implemented the techniques and tools  that were covered, you should see a huge difference in your workflow and, hopefully, your efficiency.  We have one final part of this workflow series and it can be found in our workflow e-book here. With this series, I hope that you will start to reclaim time that is important to each and every one of you and achieve a more balanced work/life state.

The Workflow is Your Baby

Please keep in mind your workflow is your baby and your responsibility. You have to take care of it and mold it as your business grows. In other words, your workflow is never really finished. Many people who are very involved with process improvement say that workflow is a journey and not a destination. This brings me to my final point I want to impress upon all of you, ensure you maintain your workflow.

This series of articles is meant to be a starting point on your journey. Maintaining your workflow will need to be done as long as your business exists. The easiest way we have found to maintaining our workflow is reviewing it as often as we can. We really try to review our workflow after each client. This way the adjustments that need to be made, if any, our still fresh in our mind and they are not forgotten as I am sure none of us have other things to do. This process takes less than five minutes in total. By doing this, you are creating an environment of continuous process improvement with your business.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this series as much as I have in writing it. I would love to hear great stories any of you have related to improving your workflow. We love to hear success stories. Please reach out to us at with your stories. In addition, if you feel your workflow needs some more attention or is really complicated please contact us for a coaching session so we can develop an individualized plan that fits your business.


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