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Locating an Assistant Photographer

Locating an assistant photographerLocating an Assistant Photographer

How often do you see someone posting in a local photography group looking for an assistant photographer or second shooter on a wedding day?  I get it, there are multiple reasons to be looking for one but is this simply creating more work than it’s worth?  So how do you go about locating one?

Social Media

Now don’t get me wrong, social media can be a great start to finding a second shooter but I don’t recommend locating one for each job two weeks before hand.  Instead, I recommend putting out a call for interviews in your slow season.  This allows you time to to find someone that has the required skill level you need or ample time to train them.

Ask for Referrals

Rather than asking through social media channels for random photographers to photograph with you, consider asking trusted friends in the industry who may act as a good referral network for finding second shooters that they may have mentored.

Why this Matters

So you may be thinking why does this matter.  What difference does it make how or where I look for an assistant photographer?  In a way it may not entirely but once you have a list of applicants, do you vet them?  If not, you should be because the people who assist you on wedding days are surrogates for your business.  How they interact with your clients and what they produce in regards to images will directly reflect on your business.  So how do you vet the list of potential photographers once you have them?  Check back next week to find out.


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