Pure Drive to Succeed

Succeed Through Pure Drive

While most of my posts are usually directed at giving information to improve your business, I wanted too address one aspect that most creative business owners lose after a few years, your DRIVE. Businesses are not successful through a good short game, they are successful over the long term and the ones who take the most risk usually succeed more.  It takes pure drive to…

Think Outside the Box

Creativity, ingenuity, and innovation are the things that drive businesses to stand out above all other ones. It’s not just how much time you spend working on your business, it’s what you do with that time to make your business stand out above all others. What are you doing with your time, checking facebook, checking your email, checking instagram? While your doing that, another business is perfecting their sales position or educating themselves to be better at what they do. In the short run that might not make much difference, but over time they will get better and better to eventually take you out of your market.

Ask for Help

When you are so desperate and at your whits end why won’t businesses ask for help? I think its because they don’t want to hear the true answer. Deep down they know why they are failing, but don’t want to actually admit they have a problem. This is a classic example of the inward mindset. What makes this mindset so pervasive and destructive is that your justification becomes more important than your own success or happiness. The owner that isn’t afraid to ask for help or advice is focused not on their justification but on their business and driving towards success.

To be Educated

“I don’t have time for that”. Why is it that education always falls by the way side. You have to constantly want to be educated and grow smarter. Your mind should be a sponge looking for anything that will give you that edge. In fact a study of 1,200 successful people found they all have reading as a past time. But, it’s not just reading, it’s the fact that they are selective about what they read. They are choosing to be educated versus being entertained. When do you read? Whenever I get the chance. Doesn’t matter if its 5AM or 10 PM; knowledge is like compound interest, it can build every day. How many of us are really driven to pick up a book every day?

Never be comfortable with your business!

 Always be on edge and scared as hell that it can be taken away at any minute. Do you have the drive to do what it takes…?

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