Why You Need a Personal Branding Shoot

Personal Branding Shoot

Personal Branding ShootWhy you need a Personal Branding Shoot

Are you finding your Instagram feed is looking off ? Are you that person that if I say I looked at your website the first thing you say is…”I haven’t updated that thing in so long”. . . . Not sure if you are sending the right message to your ideal client? If you are asking these questions, you probably need a personal branding shoot.

Styled Shoot vs Branding Shoot

So a branding shoot is a personalized shoot that is specific to YOUR Brand. Why is this important? Many photographers will do something called a styled shoot and call it a branding shoot. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!! A styled shoot is a group of vendors who come together to produce a mock wedding or other event. These shoots are great for showing off a space and its potential but sometimes not so great for personal branding. Reason being is that you have multiple vendors with multiple styles producing one product. These multiple styles might not exactly match your brand.

Personal Branding to the Rescue

While a styled shoot has its purpose, personal branding is tailored to YOU and not anyone else. The images that are produced are artistically designed by you and edited to fit your style and brand. Notice how I keep saying YOUR brand. This is the key difference between personal branding and a styled shoot. The photographer adjusts their photography and editing style to fit your brand and NOT THEIRS. In the end, you will have pictures for your website and Instagram you can post immediately that are consistent and match you.


We recommend you do a personal branding shoot about every six months. This way, you keep on having fresh content and your website images are always up to date. The biggest benefit to doing a personal branding shoot is the TIME YOU SAVE. It only takes about three hours and you will get at least six months worth of branded content for your Instagram feed and your website. How long doe sit take you now to produce your content? If you are interested in a personal branding shoot… Contact us.

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