Unique Ways to Increase Your Sales with Room-Vu


Increase your sales with room-vu for IPSIncrease You Sales

Now more than ever we as business owners need to look for unique ways to increase sales.  One of the best ways to do that as photographers are with innovative sales ideas centered around service to your clients.  For this, we turn to Room-Vu from N-Vu, our gallery hosting software, and sales platform.


So how exactly does Room-Vu increase sales? We noticed when we first started doing in-person sales 9 years ago that it was really hard for our clients to make the jump from seeing a digital image on a computer or tv to envisioning it on their wall.  Years later when we got back into IPS we had a new tool in our arsenal.

N-Vu is our gallery hosting software as well as our platform for conducting IPS sessions with our clients.  While this is powerful in and of itself, Room-Vu is the real creative marketing idea that propels our sales forward.  People are most often emotional buyers as well as visual ones.  Room-vu removes the obstacles of them not being able to envision their photos on the wall in their homes.

Uploading Images

Not only does Room-Vu come with preloaded stock images of rooms but you also have the ability to upload a customer’s image of their own home.  This is incredibly powerful as it gives them an immediate idea of what their memories and photos of their loved ones would look like on the walls of their home.  This blueprint makes it easier for everyone.

With their new Room-Vu feature you can also text them and they can simply upload the rooms themselves.  By providing this incredible level of service, clients aren’t left wondering if they have the right size images for their home.  In addition to that, once the gallery wall is created, you can text a copy of it to your clients so that they have a template of it to hang it up themselves.

Keep it Simple

Increasing your sales as a photographer can be easy if you keep it simple.  By making it easy for your clients to see your work on their walls, it makes it simple for them to make decisions on what they will order.  Removing obstacles will offer them a better experience and often leave them more comfortable with upgrading their order with larger sized prints.Increase your photo sales