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How To Differentiate Your Business

Markets are oversaturated with carbon copies of businesses all trying to compete for the same clients, or at least it certainly FEELS that way sometimes. Today I’m going to show you how to stand out and differentiate yourself in that market so you can get booked by your ideal client.

Research Your Competition

 Notice I said research your competition, but don’t copy them. Often when we look at what our competitors are doing, there’s a fear that what they’re doing is the right thing to do, and that we have to do exactly what they’re doing in order to be as successful as them. That’s just simply a lie and it causes our business to look disingenuous when it stands next to theirs. Competition in its purest form is healthy because it should encourage us to know each others businesses but then strive like heck to be different, be ourselves, and be unique.

Offer a Different Product

If you are wanting to differentiate in your market, then you have to be well . . . different! That may be just as simple as offering a different product. For example, I’m a wedding photographer and I offer heirloom quality artwork. Now my competitor down the street may also offer prints or canvases, but I make sure that mine do not look the same. I give so much attention to the products that we offer our clients that I make sure that they are not available in our market.

How You Make them Feel

The second way you can offer something to differentiate yourself the personal experience. Ask yourself, how do you make your client FEEL? You may be an okay photographer. You may have an okay quality product that you produce. But if you make somebody feel amazing, that will make you stand out and differentiate in your market. 

Price What You’re Worth

Pricing what you are worth is a big way to differentiate yourself, especially when you don’t undercut the other business owners in your market. If you look at what your cost of goods are, what you are worth, what your experience level is, and the quality of the product that you produce, and then charge based on that, it will set you apart!

Instead undercutting each other you are actually raising the industry standard. This will also teach your clients and your potential clients to value you, and value what you do.

Be Aware of Trends

Being aware of trends doesn’t necessarily mean that you follow every single new thing that comes your way. But if that “fad” is something that looks like it’s going to stick around and not just be a fad, then you may want to take notice and adjust your business practices or the products that you offer, to meet that trend that look like they are going to be around for a long time.

An example of this is the way the way somebody may edit their pictures or portraits. We’re starting to see an industry trend that says that more authentic images, more authentic editing, and a higher quality of light is going to be a trend that sticks around for a long period of time. We definitely want to adjust and make sure that we are aware of that trend, and not letting it be a detriment to our business.

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