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How to Make a Great Youtube Channel | Trena Little

How to Make a Great Youtube Channel

Want to make great Youtube content but have NO CLUE how to get started?  This month for our guest interview we brought on Trena Little.  Trena is a Youtube expert dedicated to making your channel the best it can be. I met her when we hosted a local workshop coordinated and sponsored by the Alabama Wedding and Event Professionals (ALWEP). She was so much fun to hang out with that we had to have her back on our private facebook group monthly interview.

Clear Audience

One of the biggest points Trena made was that you have to have a clear and concise audience defined as you make your videos.  For example, her channel is specifically for the creative business owner looking to grow a youtube channel.  Being specific really does matter when trying to grow your channel. 

Video is King in SEO

Video is really important when ranking for SEO. We have a great blog on this exact subject that will dive deeper on why video is so important. Google values video above all else and guess who owns youtube, GOOGLE. So if you have videos on youtube and you put them in a blog post or other part of your website, Google will see it and like it all that much more.  . . and then share it in a higher page ranking because of it.

Content Suggestions

Trena dove into how to pick and create a content strategy.  After you get your audience down to a science you have to pick what you will talk about. One of the best things she says to do is look at your competition. Look at their most popular videos and try to create one that is similar to theirs or touches on the same subject in a different way. This way you can ride or get some of the same traffic.

This is just a little portion of the interview and believe me the tips only get better. For the full interview click on the link below and subscribe to our youtube channel for more content every week.

If you want to find out more about Trena Little you can check out her website or her youtube channel for more great content.

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