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A Relocation Story with Cinnamon Wolfe

A Relocation Story My friend, fellow business owner, and military spouse is on the blog today sharing about her recent move clear across the country from NJ to Washington.  She is an awesome photographer, editor, and educator as well as one of the hosts of my favorite podcasts, Focus(ed).  But first an introduction from Cinnamon…

Moving Your Business Through Autonomation

Moving Through Autonomation So I remember on one of our five moves (yes it has been that many).  We received an inquiry in the middle of moving our house. This was years ago, so our phones were a lot smaller back then and we were charged per text. Imagine trying to type on a small…

Move Your Business Through SWOT with Colleen Bies

Move Your Business Through SWOT You are probably wondering how in the world SWOT moves your business but it is one of the best assessments we have ever ever used to insure that we address any issues in our business before facing a move.  Here to share with us today all about what SWOT is…

Customer Experience Moves Your Business

Customer Experience Moves Your Business I know moving is very scary to most of us but I can say there is one positive ray of sunshine that comes through in every aspect of your business. When you move… you can start over. All of the bad things, sideways relationships, and experiences you have created or…

Breaking into New Markets

Breaking Into New Markets For a long time I have seen entrepreneurs let the fear of restarting a business and breaking into new markets hold them back.  They wanted the ability to grow clients in new regions but were overwhelmed with the idea of where to even begin.  Whether it was a military spouse facing…

Knowing Your Numbers Moves Your Business

Knowing Your Numbers Imagine your day is going off without a hitch, just booked another client, had a great morning work out, and  just found out you’re being published in a major publication. This morning could not be going better. Then your spouse calls and you hear the words you thought you would never here:…

Two Bright Lights and Moving a Business

Moving a Business I would be lying if I said moving a business is easy.  It takes a lot of work and research but is possible to do well with the right planning and tools in place.  When I first started relocating my baby business back in 2009, the reality was that I had no…

How Inward Mindset Kills Community

Inward Mindset Kills The number one thing that kills community is your mindset.  Now before we begin, I would ask that you keep an open mind and try to look at old concepts with a new perspective. The major buzz phrase around the creative community for the last three years or so is “community over…

Pure Drive to Succeed - The Restart SpecialistSeptember 25, 2018 - 1:58 am

[…] failing, but don’t want to actually admit they have a problem. This is a classic example of the inward mindset. What makes this mindset so pervasive and destructive is that your justification becomes more […]

My Secret Weapon

A Secret We Have Kept Yes, you read this right I am going to share with you my most guarded secret today. This one secret has completely changed my outlook on workflow, efficiency, financial planning, investments, and technology development.  I am so excited about this that I just going to say it… My husband Jason….

Creating a Workflow » The Restart SpecialistJanuary 30, 2018 - 7:30 pm

[…] Workflow specialist and guest blogger, Jason Ryncarz is sharing the second part in a series on creating a workflow that saves you time today and for the rest of 2018.  I introduced Jason as my secret weapon here. […]

Leaving Your Mark When You Move

A Preschool Pick-up Line and Leaving Your Mark Last week I was headed into pick -up my daughter from preschool and saw what would normally have been an unremarkable and boring white line in the concrete.  However, it was broken up and marred by the most perfect imprint of a leaf.  That little crunchy fragile…

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The Restart Specialist was born out of our constant nomadic life and the search for answers on relocating a business without fear. I am so excited your here. Pull up a chair, settle in with a good cup of coffee and lets get started.



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