Exhausted from trying to break into a new market and have no idea what needs to be done to keep your creative business growing? 

The Restart Specialist was born out of our constant nomadic life and the search for answers on relocating a business without fear. I am so excited your here. Pull up a chair, settle in with a good cup of coffee and lets get started.

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wedding pricing guide

Part one of wedding pricing mistakes looked at the internal mindset struggles that cause us to make missteps in what we should be charging, and you can read more about that here.  Part two is more focused on the side of pricing that is less about mindset mistakes and more about structure of it and […]

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Wedding Pricing Mistakes

13 years ago when I photographed my first wedding, I had no idea what I was doing on many fronts.  One of the biggest problems I had was figuring out what to charge.  There was nowhere near the pricing info out there that there is now and yet . . people still struggle with pricing.  […]

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Setting Boundaries in Your Wedding Business

Setting boundaries in business as a solo-prenuer can often be frustrating.  Each client or vendor can present a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Left un-checked our boundaries can start to crumble leaving us bitter, frustrated, and burnt out.  Here are a few ways to not only set boundaries but to also redefine them when […]

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Engage Summits

Engage Summits is an immersive luxury wedding conference with some of the best thought leaders in industry.  Hosted at amazing locations all over the world, it provides a place for connection and collaboration like no other.  As a wedding professional if you plan on attending, here are my top 5 tips to know before you […]

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high-end in-person sales experience

Imagine investing in an amazing photographer who provided a completely customized experience all the way up through the wedding day but when it came to viewing the wedding images, it felt like you had taken a trip to discount store or worse yet, a used car lot. Having an in-person sales experience that is in […]

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breaking into the high end wedding market

  In the photography industry, we often see the term High-End tossed around with little to no clear definition of what that means.  This lack of clarity can leave wedding photographers frustrated as they attempt to move into this space. When I was 4 years into the wedding industry, I thought my business was doing […]

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Hustle for the right things in life

I have been preaching the concept of Hustle for a long time.  As a type 3 enneagram, it is like breathing… it feels like a necessity. Lately though over the past 3 months I have been questioning how I run my business and where I want that business to go over the next 5-10 years.  […]

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You are amazing at what you do but it feels like it doesn't matter because that amazing business you built for three years just got wiped out by current circumstances . . you're tired of trying to rebuild over and over . . and no one seems to get it!

I have been there to. . .
so no worries my friend, I can help!

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