I have been preaching the concept of Hustle for a long time.  As a type 3 enneagram, it is like breathing… it feels like a necessity. Lately though over the past 3 months I have been questioning how I run my business and where I want that business to go over the next 5-10 years.  […]

Hustle | A visit to Waco Reshaped My Business

Hustle for the right things in life

Project Obscura This was my third year attending Project Obscura and my second year speaking at the event.  In years past this two-day workshop has been held in Las Vegas around the same time as WPPI.  This year was a little different and found this event relocating to Kansas City.  What exactly is Project Obscura?  […]

A review of the photography conference project obscura

Project Obscura Recap

Starting your business over in a new city can feel scary or liberating.  Now more than ever, we are seeing small business owners willing to relocate due to the inability to run their business.  With many states being in lockdown over the past twelve months, many have opted to relocate to more economically open areas.  […]

Starting Your Business Over in a New City

Hype vs. Reality in Business If you have ever watched the Greatest Showman or attended a live auction then you have witnessed the hype machine in full action.  This energetic fast-talking show filled with verbal glitz and glam gets your emotions going.  It is designed to distract from the lack of substance.  It makes you […]

Hype vs. Reality

Working With Others No matter what genre of photography you are in, you will at some point have to work with other people.  Collaborations with others can leave you feeling elated or bitter.  Or you may find that you are the one that accidentally burnt a bridge between a colleague.  As I sit here writing […]

Working With Others | Rise Above

Thoughts on working with others