Imagine investing in an amazing photographer who provided a completely customized experience all the way up through the wedding day but when it came to viewing the wedding images, it felt like you had taken a trip to discount store or worse yet, a used car lot. Having an in-person sales experience that is in […]

How to Provide a High-End In-Person Sales Experience

high-end in-person sales experience

  In the photography industry, we often see the term High-End tossed around with little to no clear definition of what that means.  This lack of clarity can leave wedding photographers frustrated as they attempt to move into this space. When I was 4 years into the wedding industry, I thought my business was doing […]

breaking into the high end wedding market

Breaking into the High-End Wedding Market

I have been preaching the concept of Hustle for a long time.  As a type 3 enneagram, it is like breathing… it feels like a necessity. Lately though over the past 3 months I have been questioning how I run my business and where I want that business to go over the next 5-10 years.  […]

Hustle | A visit to Waco Reshaped My Business

Hustle for the right things in life

Project Obscura This was my third year attending Project Obscura and my second year speaking at the event.  In years past this two-day workshop has been held in Las Vegas around the same time as WPPI.  This year was a little different and found this event relocating to Kansas City.  What exactly is Project Obscura?  […]

A review of the photography conference project obscura

Project Obscura Recap

Starting your business over in a new city can feel scary or liberating.  Now more than ever, we are seeing small business owners willing to relocate due to the inability to run their business.  With many states being in lockdown over the past twelve months, many have opted to relocate to more economically open areas.  […]

Starting Your Business Over in a New City