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My Secret Weapon

A Secret We Have Kept Yes, you read this right I am going to share with you my most guarded secret today. This one secret has completely changed my outlook on workflow, efficiency, financial planning, investments, and technology development.  I am so excited about this that I just going to say it… My husband Jason….

Leaving Your Mark When You Move

A Preschool Pick-up Line and Leaving Your Mark Last week I was headed into pick -up my daughter from preschool and saw what would normally have been an unremarkable and boring white line in the concrete.  However, it was broken up and marred by the most perfect imprint of a leaf.  That little crunchy fragile…

Why Venue Tours are Important to Moves

Importance of Venue Tours Whether you are a wedding, senior, or portrait photographer going on venue tours is incredibly important not only to your business but for others as well.  We have talked in the past about the importance of community and networking and when it comes to venue tours, thats exactly what they are about….

Dealing with Moving Blues

The Moving Blues If you have ever moved your family and your business half way across the country, then you probably have experienced the moving blues or even stronger depression.  There can often be a sense of loss over routine, familiarity, and a sense of impending failure as a business owner.  I was recently talking…

Game Planning Your Move

Making a Game Plan The idea of making a business game plan amidst an ever growing mountain of moving boxes and a baby crying left me wanting to bury my head in a pile of cake.  That was several years ago and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I had spent countless hours researching where to…

The Need for Community

The Need for Community Being the “new girl” in town every three to four years can certainly shine a light on your need for community quicker than anything else.  Our first and second move as a newly married couple was eye opening to this.  Our first home was in a historic neighborhood with other families who…

Moving without Fear

Fear and Business Fear can be either a powerful motivator or a giant cement weight around our necks, dragging us down and drowning our true potential.  As business owners we have big dreams of providing for our families and having the financial freedom to be our own boss.  For some of us that dream has become…

5 Things I Wish I Knew

Things I Wish I Knew in Business I started taking portraits back in 2007 when friends and neighbors were deploying to Iraq left and right.  The value of a portrait was foremost in our minds but for me the concept of running a business was not.  I was a middle school art teacher at the time…

How Publication Helps You Move

Why Publication Matters When it comes to moving, publication can matter but not for the reasons you think.  In dealing with moving a business, it has a lot more to do with SEO and being found than street cred and bragging rights.  While a publication from a well known blog or magazine is amazing and I…

Styled Shoots Help Your Move

How Styled Shoots Help Your Business Lets say for a moment you are moving your business from southwest Texas all the way to coastal Virginia and none of the previous work you have looks anything like what coastal brides are looking for.  You want to book business in your location but have nothing local to…

Hello & Welcome

Do you desire a thriving creative career despite the challenges of relocating? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to the space you have been searching for! After spending years searching for the answer to constantly relocating my photography business, the Restart Specialist was born.



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