Cliques in Your Market Did you just hop on Instagram only to see a really cool opportunity that you missed out on because you just aren’t in that creative clique that some people are in? I’m going to share with you our ways of breaking through that creative clique to really grow in your market. Invite them for Coffee Our […]

Overcoming Cliques

Market Saturation Do you feel like you are fighting for every single client that you get and you’re blaming it on an over-saturated market? Here’s the thing though, you may not actually be facing over-saturation but instead a highly competitive market. Now, I have probably left you scratching your head thinking, aren’t they the same […]

Over-saturation in the Photography Industry

Why You Need to Attend Conferences Why should we attend conferences? I mean, you just spend money to sit there and not really learn anything. If this has been your past experience with conferences, then you are probably going to the wrong conferences. In this post I hope to show you the benefits of going […]

Why You Need to Attend Conferences

How to Make a Great Youtube Channel Want to make great Youtube content but have NO CLUE how to get started?  This month for our guest interview we brought on Trena Little.  Trena is a Youtube expert dedicated to making your channel the best it can be. I met her when we hosted a local […]

How to Make a Great Youtube Channel | Trena Little

New Year Planning | Part 2 If you missed the first part of our series, make sure you go back and read part 1. The next part of our planning for the new year process takes us to look at our Mission and Vision Statements.  This may sound like a pointless thing to do but […]

New Year Business Planning | Part 2